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What is Structural Survey, and why is it Important?

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What is Structural Survey, and why is it Important?

Buying a house is a big deal. Whether for residential purposes or real estate, buying a home comes with many risks. But in one way or another, a house is an asset capable of bringing good revenue.

However, a residential building in bad condition is more of a liability than an asset. The only way to ensure the structural fitness of the building is through surveys.

Keep reading to know more about structural surveys.

What is a structural survey?

Before buying a house, you should check several factors and be more conscious if it is an old house. To understand the condition of the house, buyers usually take surveys. And the survey that most of the buyers take before buying is an RICS home survey which gives an overview of the property’s condition.

But this does not give any specific information about the structure and fitness of the building. For that, you need a complete structural survey, which provides a detailed review of the interior and exterior of the building.

Structural surveys include a thorough investigation of the whole building, including the places unreachable to your eyes. The buyer will get a detailed picture of every lament of the house and will be able to find the defects and their causes. A structural survey report also points out the repairs required for the building, the urgency of mending, and the options for maintenance. Some reports even include the estimated cost for the repair, making your assessment process easy.

When should you take a structural survey?

Even when you can take a structural survey of any building, some building specifically demands a structural survey. For instance, if a building is listed, if it is of historical importance or has unusual architecture, you have to do a structural survey.

It is always good to take the structural survey before buying an old house to get a rough idea of its value. You can also take a complete structural survey of a building with unusual architecture and design.

We also suggest a structural survey if you are planning to make a renovation after buying the house. It is beneficial to take the survey of a recently renovated house as it gives you a clear idea of the latest assertions.

Who can do structural surveys?

Now you know what types of buildings demand structural survey. So if you think the building you are going to buy needs one, you should contact a charted engineer for that. A charted civil or structural engineer takes detailed notice of the fabric of your building and gives you the exact condition of the house.

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