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3 Easy Ways To Increase Motivation In The Workplace

Rima Chandra
3 Easy Ways To Increase Motivation In The Workplace

Everyone has those days at work where their to-do list is their greatest enemy, or they find themselves checking in and out of conversations with their mind elsewhere. Whilst it’s totally normal for employees to experience dips in motivation every now and then - after all, things could be going on at home, or they could be feeling under the weather - if they are consistently disengaged or uninterested, then this could point to a larger problem.


One such problem could be that they are not feeling supported or find the workplace uninspiring, which can greatly hinder their motivation. No matter if you’re a small business, a startup company or a worldwide corporation, here are 5 ways you can increase motivation in the workplace.


Recognise Great Work

One of the biggest factors when it comes to employee motivation is recognising hard work. Around 70% of employees believe that motivation and morale in the workplace would be massively improved if they got more recognition from managers and supervisors. After all, when an employee puts a lot of effort into a work project, which then provides excellent results, and they don’t get recognised for the work, it’s hard to see why they would want to continue to be a high-achieving employee.


As a manager, it’s important not to just recognise great work, but also how the contributions of your team have a larger and more significant impact on the overall business. Employee recognition shouldn’t just be a once-yearly bonus, but it should be frequently and meaningfully given when achieved. Monetary bonuses are much appreciated, but they should be the most effective or even only motivator. Treat your employees as a valued team, rather than just numbers.


Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

Happiness and positivity play a huge part when it comes to employee motivation and the overall success of your business. If your team work in a space that can be hostile and tense, then this will greatly impact their motivation and productivity. Create a welcoming space in the workplace so that when your employees turn up to work, they feel at ease rather than on edge. Some ways you can do this include:

  • Encourage your employees to take regular breaks to avoid burnout.
  • Have a space away from the office where people can eat their lunch or take phone calls so that they aren’t at their desks all day.
  • Provide hot drinks, water and snacks, such as bakery products and fruit.


Employees will work better and more efficiently when they feel part of a team. Making sure that everyone gets along and can have fun at work, whilst also keeping it professional, is something that a lot of workplaces struggle to get right but, once you do, it is well worth the effort!

Celebrate Results

Rather than large goals which are often seen as unachievable, setting small and more measurable goals provides ample opportunities for your employees to celebrate their hard work. Whilst this doesn’t mean giving rounds of applause for being on time, it does mean that you should let everyone know just how much their contributions mean to the business.


Whether you finish early and head for a team dinner or simply bring in some coffees and biscuit selection for employees working to meet deadlines, celebrating the team and the results they generate is important. Be sure to be specific about the success of your employees. Whilst a simple “great job!” is appreciated, identifying the employee who got the achievement and including them in the bigger picture makes it feel more sincere and personal, which often goes much further.

Rima Chandra
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