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Washer Pitching: A Guide to Understanding the Game Better

Washers Game
Washer Pitching: A Guide to Understanding the Game Better

Washer Pitching is a fun game played outdoors in the yard, lawn, park, terrace, tailgate parties, or any large open area. The game is really simple, and that is why it is so exciting to play.  The washer game brings an element of healthy competition to your family gathering or other events. People of all age groups can play this party game with full enthusiasm. Being a stress reliever, washer pitching is one of the most played games in the USA. 

Washers Pitching

What is the aim of the washer game?

The game's main objective is to compete against other players to reach the score of 21 points first by tossing the washers into the holes in a washer board. The equipment used for playing is also simple: two washer boards that are located ten feet apart and some washers (small metal discs). The player who reaches a score of 21 points first wins.

According to the International Association of Washer players, 3-hole washer pitching is a skill game that people enjoy for entertainment and developing coordination. The washer game has a set of rules and a set scoring method to measure the skill. As the coordination improves, the skills also improve.

How to score in washers pitching

  • One point is given for landing a washer in the closest hole to the front of the board.
  • Three points are given for the middle hole.
  • Five points are given for the farthest hole in the board.

To score points, the washer must completely fall into the hole. The team or player must reach no more or less than 21 points first against the competitor for a successful win. The round must be completed then.

Bottom line

The washer pitching rules and scoring can be improvised, but the two teams must agree on them before starting the game. Learn more about the rules, game and winning scores at the official website of Washers Game today!


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Washers Game
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