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Is it possible to convert excel to pdf and image to pdf format?

James Johnson
Is it possible to convert excel to pdf and image to pdf format?

What is Excel?

Microsoft created a Software that gives ease to users to organize their mathematical data using spreadsheets. They called it ‘MS Excel’. It is a part of MS Office. It helps the operator to arrange their data and numbers using a variety of formulas and mathematical functions. Microsoft Excel scrutiny is universal; its omnipresence is around the world. It is used in commerce and businesses of all scopes to perform financial checkup.

Microsoft Excel helps to administer data efficiently. Spreadsheets make the tiresome manual data entry easy and time effective by permitting us to just simply drag and drop. We need not to type everything. It also allows us to use its diverse features like 

  • Calculation like SUM, Average, IF statements etc.
  • Graphing tools 
  • Pivot tables
  • Comparison Tables


What is PDF?

PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. It was developed by Adobe. It includes text, images, text formatting independent of any application software. It has easy portability with high security; it can be password protected.

It is a file format that holds all the rudiments of a scanned document as an electronic copy, which can later be viewed, steered, printed, or can be send to someone else. Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, or other parallel products allows us to create, edit or view these .pdf files. 


What is Image?

image is a representation that can be created or copied and stored in computer memory in electronic form. Image files can be made, scanned or printed by using different software & hardware.

Image File Formats

  • TIFF stands for Tag Image File Format. 
  • It is used for storing raster graphics images
  • Commonly used by graphic designers



  • GIF stands for Graphics Interchange 
  • This format is broadly used for web graphics
  • Gif is restricted to only 256 colors
  • But it allows transparency
  • And most importantly it can be animated


  • PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics
  • It is the epitome for digital art
  • It uses 24-bit color


Possible Conversions of File Formats


  • Excel (.xls) to .Pdf


Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be converted into PDF documents. It gives comfort to the user in sharing the data securely and can save it without disturbing its original formatting.

Translating an Excel worksheet to PDF is every so often necessary, specially when we want to let other users view our data only but they aren’t privileged to edit it.


  • Image (.jpeg .png) to .Pdf


To maintain the image formatting and originality, image files are converted into .pdf.From Jpeg to Pdf file format allows the user to simply drag and drop your image into the conversion software above and quickly transform it into a PDF document. 

It allows us to merge several images into one document hence it saves space and extra effort of taking all the images separately to another place. It preserves the novelty so that if we want to take a print, a document can be printed without any distortion in its pixels.

  • .Pdf to Image

Yes! We can convert pdf into image file as well. Simply open the .pdf in any .pdf file reader e.g. Acrobat, then from choose tab, click ‘Export PDF’. The pdf reader will suggest you the various formats into which you want to export your .pdf file. Click Image and then select the image file format.

  • .Pdf to Excel (.xls)

Yes! We can convert pdf into excel file. We need to click on the ‘Export pdf’ tool, choose ‘spreadsheet’ the export format, choose ‘Microsoft Excel Workbook’ and then click ‘Export’. Your .pdf file is safely converted into .xls file. But if your .pdf documents contains any scanned text, the pdf reader e.g. Acrobat will run a text recognition automatically and convert your data into editable form.

James Johnson
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