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Get Solar Ready While Building Your Home

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Get Solar Ready While Building Your Home

Many people aspire to build their own homes. There are various considerations to make while designing your home. The high monthly energy bills are a major concern. Having a solar installation is the simplest means of preventing those exorbitant monthly energy costs.

We have compiled an array of things regarding a solar system installation you may think about before building your home because making preparations beforehand is always a smart option. Here are some helpful recommendations for designing a home with the best solar panel effectiveness:

Rooftop Orientation

The rooftop is often the area of your home that catches the most sunshine, making it an ideal site for solar panels. On the other hand, particular roof designs increase the effectiveness of your solar installation, even more, culminating in the best results.

These designs are worth considering for your solar installation process if you want to improve the efficacy of your panels.

Flattened roof structure

  • It is not the optimum roof design since it does not enable any angles for installing the panels.
  • However, there is no need to be particularly concerned or lose hope. Install tilted panels at the angles to change the condition and help provide optimum performance.

Mono-pitched roof structure

  • It's a sloped flat roof with a slant to it.
  • You can establish maximum sunshine during designated times of the day if the slopes are in the appropriate direction. Nevertheless, it would generate very little to no power when the inclination angle shades it.

Hip roof structure

  • The slope will be down toward the walls in both directions.
  • You may install photovoltaic panels on both ends of the slopes to obtain the most benefits. 
  • It faces the same disadvantage as a mono-pitched roof. The panels will be completely overshadowed and will not function effectively during some hours of the day.

The degree of shading present

Solar panels function best when they are exposed to direct sunlight. Even a small degree of screening can limit the quantity of power produced and reduce the overall effectiveness.

Check whether any trees are shadowing your property or any multi-story buildings that may cause any shade to ensure that your roof obtains the greatest amount of sunshine.

However, if the shade occurs primarily in the evening, there is no need to be concerned.

The position of the land where the home will be constructed.

A level piece of land is the best spot to build your home if you include solar panels.

However, suppose you want to build a house in a coastal location, a steep hill, or a rough terrain. In that case, you should look for professional help to see how effective it will be and if any modifications will be necessary or appropriate.


Solar installation in your home is always a smart option. It not only helps you save a major amount of money on electricity bills and reduce your carbon impact, but it also enables you to become self-sufficient and go off the power grid. So, you have nothing to lose.

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