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All About Zoho Creator 6.0 and Whats New in it.

All About Zoho Creator 6.0 and Whats New in it.

Zoho is yet again back with Another Exciting Update.

It’s good news to everyone planning to develop hassle-free applications on Zoho Creator. With the new Zoho Creator 6.0 or C6, the development process is simplified and uses the most advanced low-code tools to maximize benefits.

What’s Changed from Zoho Creator 5 to Zoho Creator 6.0?

All the included changes in the newer C6 contribute to favorable variations in the upgraded version, which reduces the development time and simplifies the processes further.

The Zoho Creator 6.0 is more powerful and robust. Zoho Creator app development is quick and comes with efficient business automation processes, business intelligence & analytics, smart integrations, and more.

Here are the Highlights of Zoho Creator 6.0:

  • The new Zoho Creator 6.0 now has an on-premises Zoho Creator application development option that lets you develop on-premises, reliable and flexible applications that can be hosted on your premises.

  • App building is made super easy with code blocks to configure advanced workflows with a drag and drop option while building the app with the Zoho Creator 6.0 intuitive builder. The workflow configurations are fastened using the visual representation of a business process on the visual blueprint builder of C6.

  • The C6 comes with the Zoho Creator Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android and iOS apps development. The SDKs come with software libraries, including core libraries and UI libraries. The Core library lets you work with CRUD (create, read, update, delete) actions and helps in seamless authentication handling, API wrapping & version upgrades, data modeling, metadata caching, and scaffolding (dependencies inclusion). In contrast, the UI library provides custom prebuilt UI components that help in generating the app's UI.

  • With no need for backend configurations and the highest security, get 600+ ready-to-connect apps whose workflows can be edited contextually. The choice field UI of dropdown, radio, multi-select, and checkbox can be tweaked to include new messages that automatically get updated all through.

  • No more spending unsolicited time gaining insights from the existing raw data as the Zoho Creator 6.0 app development is empowered with a 360-degree view of your business aided by AI-powered business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

  • The overall process of end-to-end phases of the development cycle, testing, and deployment is made easy with Zoho Creator’s lifecycle management features. You can publish the changes in the applications as versions with no data corruptions, validate and schedule publishing, view errors, trace bugs, test permissions and notify the changes to the interested parties.

  • With the Zoho Creator’s serverless function capability, build flawless applications that run on multiple programming languages other than or including Deluge. It involves high cloud environment compatibility and the prebuilt framework with a backend set with compilers, IDEs, and interpreters.

  • Create intelligent applications with the newer version of Zoho Creator 6.0 development with AI-based smart suggestions, the latest MI techniques, and no complex formula or code algorithms involved.

The added features create a great and efficient environment for application development with a central or unified data model for business transactions and effective business automation.

Why Should you Upgrade your Applications from C5?

Migrating your C5 app to C6 is highly recommended as the settings and configurations from the older version may not function properly upon up-gradation. Also, the time to deployment is reduced drastically and comes with more freedom with the language used for the application development.

With the latest Zoho Creator 6.0, Zoho Creator app development, you can obtain application development that offers more incredible benefits and suits explicitly your precise business needs.

Not sure how to Proceed?

As Zoho Authorized Partners, our Zoho Creator developers for hire keep themselves up-to-date and are ready to help you with the Zoho Creator 6.0 application development or app migration from the older version, C5, to the newer version, C6, in almost no time, without affecting your everyday business.

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