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What is a Customs Broker?

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What is a Customs Broker?

The eCommerce market has opened up international trade. Where there is international trade involved you better believe customs will be a part of it. A customs broker will be responsible for arranging your shipments. They will be well versed in all the laws surrounding international trade. They will be directly responsible to ensure your goods make it through the customs clearance process. Let’s take a deeper look at a customs broker and why you may need one. 

What Does A Customs Broker Do?

A customs broker will have the job of filling out all the paperwork that is involved as well as making sure rules and regulations are followed. This type of broker needs to ensure compliance is strictly followed. Otherwise, there could be a delay in shipments reaching their destinations. 

Custom brokers may be an individual, corporations, or entities. No matter what type of broker you are dealing with, they all have to go through the process of becoming certified and accredited by the U.S. Custom and Border Protection (CBP). This certification awards them the right to provide you with their service. As a broker, it is part of their responsibility to handle all paperwork and bills that need to be delivered to the CBP. 

What Is The Purpose Of Customs And Border Protection?

CBP officers are needed in all areas of the world. There are 328 ports within the United States for goods and people to come into our country. This requires intense protection to ensure that our borders stay protected against terrorism and from other illegal activities. Customs and Border Protection are directly responsible for border security. This would include trade, agriculture, and immigration. 

Below are some of the duties a CBP official must take on.

  • Identify terrorist activity and deter them from entering the United States.   
  • Enforce the laws surrounding customs, immigration, and agriculture.   
  • Deter any illegal activity including trafficking of people, narcotics, and contraband.    
  • Inspect goods and carry out law enforcement duties. This may lead to apprehension, detention, or arrest of people or goods at the port’s entry.       
  • Enforce all laws and ensure that they are facilitated efficiently. 

Do I Need To Hire A Customs Broker?

While it is not required that you hire a customs broker, you will be tasked with filling out and submitting all the right paperwork on your own. This means you will have to be well versed in all the rules and regulations when it comes to the trade industry. In addition, the information that you provide must be accurate, and you will be held accountable for it. 

This is the number one reason why most businesses will hire a customs broker to care for their shipments. It helps eliminate errors and fines from occurring. When it comes to business you have to do what is necessary to protect your company. Hiring a Customs Broker is one of the best things you can do. You are not expected to know all the laws surrounding trade. However, if you take this task upon yourself you will be held accountable. 

A customs broker will know the industry inside and out. They will be able to have your goods ship without any issues. If there is a problem they will fix it. Imagine having to know all the laws surrounding trade and being responsible for all the paperwork plus all of your daily tasks. 

It is just one less thing a business owner needs on their lap. This is why custom brokers are needed. To ensure that things are shipped promptly and there are no delays on either end. 

Where Do I Find A Customs Broker?

Now that you understand what a customs broker is, you may be wondering where you would find this type of broker. Look no farther. We can help you out. Here at Abady Law Firm, we know all the ins and outs of customs trading. Whether you are coming here from a different country or you are exporting or importing goods, we have you covered. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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