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As you know, contact of water with electricity poses a great threat to humans, especially when it comes to illuminated pools. That is why the installation and selection of underwater illumination must be approached responsibly and extremely professionally. 

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When creating lighting in swimming pools, you must rely on the prescribed regulations and standards. 

  1. To illuminate hydraulic structures, choose luminaires operating from a safe voltage of 12 V. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use equipment powered by a standard 220 V network with direct contact between water and backlight! 
  2. The selected light sources must meet the requirements for a high degree of tightness and moisture resistance, as well as have a high impact resistance. All technical parameters of the luminaires are indicated in the passports attached to the electrical equipment. 
  3. When choosing lamps for the pool, pay special attention to the IP characteristics of the device. IP stands for Index of Protection. The protection index in our case should not be lower than 68. The first value "6" is responsible for the dust and shock resistance of the device, where 6 is a sufficient level for using the backlight in the pool. The number "8" tells us about the sufficient moisture resistance of the device, which allows it to be used in conditions of 100% humidity. Dawaljabal is a Professional pool maintenance in dubai repair, & contracting company based in Dubai. We readily offer to clean, check, and test your pool periodically by some of our pool. 
  4. The risk zone of any electrical equipment is wiring, namely the place where the wires meet with the device itself. Therefore, we urge you to carefully consider the sealing of this area. 
  5. When installing lighting, provide free access to the equipment in order to solve the problem as soon as possible at the slightest malfunction. For this purpose, a trench is created around the pool and all devices are installed on its inner walls. Please note: do not mount the illumination at the bottom of the bowl, so as not to drain the water completely every time for repair work. It is quite enough to install lamps on the walls of the pool at a shallow depth. 
  6. The lighting of the stairs, the contours of the pool and architectural objects (fountains, waterfalls, turrets, sculptures, etc.) should be sufficient for free visualization of the entire area in the dark. 

For the safe use of lighting, be guided by the regulations SNiP II-4-79 "Natural 

and artificial lighting". The backlight level should not fall below the stated values: 

  1. An object 
  2. Horizontal illumination, lx 
  3. The combined indicator of discomfort UGR, no more 
  4. Ripple factor (flicker effect) 
  5. Fitness and Wellness Pools 
  6. 100 - 150, at water level 
  7. 24 
  8. twenty% 
  9. Pools in baths, saunas, private 
  10. 100, at floor level 
  11. Not standardized 
  12. Shower rooms 
  13. 75, at floor level 
  14. Not standardized 

The ripple factor is the effect of the flickering of the luminous flux, which in high-quality lighting should tend to 0. This is very important for creating a comfortable backlight. In practice, being in flickering lighting conditions affects the general condition of a person. 

  1. Short term impact 
  2. Long-term exposure 
  3. tired eyes; 
  4. distracted attention; 
  5. increased fatigue; 
  6. decreased brain activity; 
  7. violation of circadian rhythms; 
  8. nausea 
  9. depressive state; 
  10. sleep disturbance; 
  11. violation of the organs of vision; 
  12. disorders of the nervous system 

We draw conclusions: in the design of the illumination of a water body, it is important to take into account not only the beauty and design solution, but also the norms that guarantee safe and comfortable lighting of the pool. 

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