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5 Benefits of Building a Website on JAMstack

Dipti Kumari
5 Benefits of Building a Website on JAMstack

Buzzword or the next big thing, JAMstack is now ready for the big time in web development.

JAMstack is the latest approach for building fast, secure, and highly scalable websites and web applications.

JAMstack is a community-based set of workflows that maximize website building efficiency.

JAMstack usually stands for JAvaScript, API, and Markup. These are the three components used by JAMstack in creating fast and dynamic websites.

These components play a vital role for mobile users where the speed Counts and bandwidth are less available.

JAMstack is different from the traditional web development architecture. Look at the image below to know what is JAMstack and how it differs from any other web development approach.

Comparing the traditional web development architecture to the JAMstack architecture will give insight into the benefits of using JAMstack for web development.

5 Benefits of JAMstack

JAMstack is very flexible and intuitive helping the developers to think creatively without being confined to monolithic infrastructures.

Any great movement needs a concept to get aid. So, here are the 5 benefits of JAMstack.

1. Speed

JAMstack projects are very dynamic even more than monolithic websites. When we talk about static websites, it means that the HTML is hosted on several different servers located at different locations.

When the user requests a website to load the server located closest to the user delivers the website.

While in JAMstack, data travels a much shorter distance than any other traditional architecture. Each time the content is requested, the data goes through several CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to reach the destination.

This makes the websites load faster and speed up irreverent of the client location.

2. Security

JAMstack provides serverless websites that are they are not stored in a single database. These websites are stored in several CDNs and are much harder to attack.

JAMstack architecture also gives developers some time when one of the microservices stops working. As the microservices work independently.

JAMstack developers don't need to maintain the backend of a website, unlike other web development architectures.

3. Scalability

JAMstack developers do not have to anticipate how much traffic a website may bring and plan accordingly. 

JAMstack has pre-rendered HTML with global delivery. This makes your website scale as needed without the fear of overloading or crashing.

4. Stability

JAMstack approach enables users to access the simple static HTML, which can be delivered through CDNs. 

This reduces the complex server applications and databases. Hence, JAMstack is a very stable architecture.

5. Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to the best product and service experiences, unlike the complex one. JAMstack hasn't completely removed the complexity but had made it easier for the user to interact with the websites.


These were the 5 benefits of JAMstack which make it revolutionary web development architecture.

JAMstack is the key to making the internet a fun and revolutionary playground. As a developer, you might take some time to get used to it, but you will fall in love with it eventually.

Dipti Kumari
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