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5 Reasons Why Sleepdoctor Mattress Is the Best orthopedic Mattress Brand

SleepDoctor Mattresses
5 Reasons Why Sleepdoctor Mattress Is the Best orthopedic Mattress Brand

Did you know that we spend around one-third of our adult lives sleeping?

We spend roughly 219,000 hours of our entire lifetime in bed. However, these numbers are not surprising. There is a reason why people enjoy going to bed. Everybody wants to enjoy a few hours of peaceful sleep after a long day of work.

But, the real question is, do we all get to experience the deep sleep that we all desire?


Not all of us can doze off the very instant our body hits the bed. It is no news that getting a goodnight’s sleep, along with a healthy way of living, is crucial to maintain one’s physical and mental well-being. With more and more people living life in the fast lane, the widely prescribed eight hours of adequate sleep has become a luxury that most people cannot afford. Even a slight disturbance could ruin the quality of your sleep, making way for some dangerous health risks.

Although there are various reasons, a crucial factor that disrupts sleep is their mattress.

Time and again, researchers have insisted that comfortable sleeping and a mattress of superior quality are directly proportional to each other.

Better the quality of the mattress, sounder the sleep!

For this very reason, investing in a mattress – one that gives comfort to the customer and helps in keeping them healthy – is key.

Here is where SleepDoctor comes into play!

'SleepDoctor' is a Chennai-based startup with the mission of providing the optimal sleeping experience for every person in our nation. With an aspiration to offer supreme quality of sleep, SleepDoctor has developed a mattress with enhanced quality that can impart an ideal spinal alignment for all body types through its patented technology.

The design has five layers:

An ActiveCool Cover that keeps you cool throughout the night

A Premium SoftCell Foam to help with body temperature regulation

A Memory Foam for even weight distribution

A High Resilience Foam for that little extra support and

An Anti-slip Breathable Bottom Cover that ensures that your mattress stays intact and provides air circulation.

As mentioned before, to enjoy the pleasures of a nap, investing in the right type of mattress is vital.

Here are five reasons why SleepDoctor is the mattress brand to help you achieve your goal of a comfortable sleep:

It is orthopedic

In general, back pains and sleeping disorders occur because of improper sleep patterns, reduced sleep quality, and sub-standard mattresses. A poorly designed bedding can also be accredited to cause back and joint pains since it does not support comfortable postures while sleeping. Additionally, the distribution of body weight over the mattress also affects the quality of sleep.




Orthopedic mattresses address these very issues. The sleeping surface allows the body to sink and lets the bodyweight get distributed evenly, thus obtaining the optimum spinal alignment.


SleepDoctor’s mattresses were made orthopedic in design with a unique patented technology, to provide you with the right kind of support and comfort throughout your sleep.


When you enter an outlet looking for prospective mattresses, the first thing any salesperson does is present you with a diverse range of mattresses to choose from – from latex to spring and coir to memory foam.

Despite having the option of producing a wide array of mattresses and taking the conventional route like most of their competitors in the market, SleepDoctor decided to design their mattress in such a way that the material is optimal for all body types, whether it’s an individual lying on it or a family of three.



The mattress's ergonomic and symmetric design outlines the shape of the body lying on it and ensures that every part of it receives adequate support, irrespective of the position one is sleeping in, thus enabling you to fall asleep quicker. Besides, it saves you the time you would have otherwise spent trying to choose a particular mattress type.

Temperature Regulation

Thermo-regulation is an internal mechanism, that keeps our body’s temperature under control, even when that of the surrounding is significantly different. While you fall asleep, the heat from your body will be regulated by the top layer of SleepDoctor’s mattress. After a while, the middle layer gets warmed up and maintains the heat flow. Later on, the bottom layer transports the heat away from the second one.


It is common for sagging to gradually appear on mattresses, since there is a constant load being applied consistently.

But, with the use of high-quality foam, SleepDoctor Mattresses can breathe through the waves, preventing the occurrence of sagging and allowing the mattress to return to its original form.

The SleepDoctor mattress’s durability was validated by rolling a 140-kg roller about 60,000 times, as per DIN-EN-1957 the German Institute for Standardization. For this reason, SleepDoctor offers a 10-year warranty to its customers, with the assurance of keeping the ergonomic factors intact throughout the warranty period.

Low Resistance Rolling and Zero Motion Transfer

Rolling resistance refers to the amount of strength a person needs to use to turn/move around in their bed. If the rolling resistance is high, so is the possibility of the person waking up from their sleep to turn over to a comfortable position. On the other hand, a low rolling resistance makes the move seamless. To ensure this, the bottom layer of SleepDoctor has been made supportive, thus helping the customer to continue their relaxing slumber.

Another reason for one to wake up abruptly could be because of the person sleeping next to them turning around on the bed. SleepDoctor has a high level of point elasticity, which sinks according to the load exerted at that particular point. This guarantees that there is no motion transferred from your partner to you, thus resulting in Zero Partner Disturbance.

And if these reasons are not enough to convince you, here is one that will:

All SleepDoctor products have been engineered with at most care and precision and manufactured locally, thus making it stand out from its competitors.

Besides, each mattress undergoes a rigorous testing process. The tests are conducted by the Department of Research and Development, as per the DIN Standards.

  • DIN 33402-2
  • DIN EN 1334
  • ISO 2439


SleepDoctor’s primary aim is to provide all Indian households with premium quality mattresses at an affordable price range. Investing in it might well be one of the best choices you could make since it brings huge returns.

By buying SleepDoctor’s mattresses, you are not only joining our mission but also buying yourself a harmonious sleeping pattern for a long time to come. Remember, the best bridge between despair and hope is a goodnight's sleep.

Choose wisely, Choose local, Choose SleepDoctor!

SleepDoctor Mattresses
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