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7 Best PS2 Games Of All Time

Ankit sharma
7 Best PS2 Games Of All Time

The PlayStation 2 is the most popular video game console of all time. In terms of hardware as well as the gaming library. It outsold its predecessor by 55 million units; PS2 made sales of 178 million units and published over 3000 game titles with total 1.5 billion dollars in sales. With so many games to choose from, it's difficult to know which ones are the finest. To save you time by removing the need for trial and error when selecting the best game. We've produced a list of the finest PS2 video games. Playstation 2 games can be also played on desktop with the help of PS2 emulator for windows PC in simple ways.

Best PS2 Games Of All Time

After reading the article, let us know which one is your favorite.

1. Gran Turismo 4:

Gran Turismo 4 includes almost 700 vehicles from over 80 brands. The cars in GT 4 are robust and prestigious. From 1960s muscle cars to strong Japanese turbomachines from the mid-'90s, one-off concept cars, and specimens from the very beginning of the auto period, the game covers vehicles from every significant auto era. The game is brilliantly designed such that each race isn't as tedious, boring, but rather tough and hilarious fun (or a big amount of swearing) depending on your patience. Driving a car in the game is always enjoyable since you get a great sense of speed, which is an uncommon sensation these days.

2. Tony Hawk's Underground:

You must select a professional skater in the game's carrier mode and go through the levels. Completing objectives and getting prizes have little to do with skaters. After several years, the carrier mode improved and expanded, adding more goals and gradually linking them into the real-life careers of professional skaters. You may construct your own skater in the second game in the series, which also included improved gameplay, making the next chapter in the series equally as addicting as the first. They shifted the focus away from professional skaters in the most recent game series, putting an unknown skater in the spotlight for fame. The game has been rebuilt to focus entirely on you, as a customizable skater on the rise. It has been redesigned to tell a tale, although the story isn't particularly well written.

3. Katamari Damacy:

The fundamental goal of the game is to roll up smaller objects (represented by your Katamari ball) to absorb them and get bigger, allowing you to roll up larger objects. It's a progression from thumbtacks and takoyaki to people and trees, and ultimately onto an apocalyptic scale where you're swallowing ocean ships, cities, and even the clouds themselves. The game is likely to be too addicting for you to lose track of time.

4. Okami:

Okami is a story about a white wolf deity named Amaterasu and her small insect artist friend Issun, set in the land of Nippon with a major emphasis on Japanese folklore. To summarise, an eight-headed demon has awoken after a 100-year slumber and has spread darkness and evil vibrations throughout the nation. The white wolf has to gather all the celestial brush and use them to stop and save the land. One of the reasons Okami is so popular is that each piece of the game's design matches the others. Traditional Japanese culture and folklore can be found in abundance in Okami.

5. Devil May Cry:

One of the top PS2 games is Devil May Cry. It is an action-adventure game series that began in 2001. The series follows Dante, a demon hunter, attempting to stop several demon invasions of Earth. Its gameplay comprises battle scenarios in which the player must strive to extend long chains of attacks while avoiding harm and displaying stylish combat; the player's performance is graded based on this combat, as well as time and the number of things obtained and used. New characters with special abilities appear throughout the series.

6. God of War:

Kratos is shown as a rage-filled character. He is a parent who has moved to Scandinavia with his son, who is unaware of his god-slaying background. He and the youngster set off to scatter his wife's ashes from the summit of a distant mountain, becoming unwittingly entangled in Norse gods' affairs along the way. This is still a pretty violent game, with deliberate, dramatic battles against creatures that range from the frozen undead to monsters the size of buildings. The plot also features an unforgettable supporting cast, a stunning landscape that is consistently rewarding to explore, and intense combat.

7. Resident Evil 4:

Resident Evil 4 is a survival horror game. Capcom Production Studio 4 is in charge of the game's development. Since its release in 2005, this game has been at the top of the charts. It remains one of the most enjoyable games to play. Players play the role of US Government agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is on a mission to rescue the president's daughter Ashley Graham kidnapped by a group. He finds a local group of people affected by mind-controlling parasites in some parts of Europe and reunites with Ada Wong, a spy. Resident Evil 4 was a multiplatform success, with over 11 million copies sold across all platforms.

Wrapping up:

Gaming has certainly grown to be one of the most profitable entertainment sectors. Almost everyone, regardless of age or gender, enjoys video games. The list contains some of the best PlayStation 2 games. There are so many popular PS2 games to choose from that it might be difficult to choose which one to play. Select any game and start playing.

Ankit sharma
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