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Top 10 Trends That Will Be The Future of Digital Marketing

Leno Benoy
Top 10 Trends That Will Be The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a field that is in constant flux and new terms and concepts keep getting added to it. The past two years have seen an unprecedented rise in the use of digital marketing tools and more and more people found it convenient to do their business in digital reality. We have reached a point in time where no business would be complete without a solid digital marketing strategy. Although the field has seen a considerable amount of change and development in the past few years, the industry is yet to reach its complete potential. Below given are the top 10 trends that are going to make it big in the coming years.  

1. Voice-Activated SEO

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have now become a permanent part of our life. More and more people are using voice searches to look for content on the web. This trend will only get stronger in the coming years. The biggest change this will bring is the use of long-tail keywords while curating content. Such keywords are what gets more focus when it comes to voice searches and if you want your content to come up in the searches, it is important that you give emphasis to voice-activated SEO. 

2. Google Position Zero

Google constantly brings updates to make the content as informative and relevant to the user as possible. This is why Google has recently introduced position zero, which shows just a snippet block at the beginning of the google search results page. The snippet shows the exact content the user was searching for so that the user does not need to go to a separate web page to view the answer. Focusing on providing crisp and straight-to-the-point content can help you gain more traction with your content. 

3. Conversational Marketing

Customers need interaction, and this is exactly what conversational marketing provides. Instead of plainly marketing the product or service to the customers, companies can now start a conversation with the customers with the help of chatbots. This helps companies to understand the preferences of customers and can also guide them properly into choosing better services and products. 

4. Shoppable Posts

If you are familiar with Instagram, then you might have surely come across posts that lead to the website of companies where you can directly shop the product or service. These are called shoppable posts and are being extensively used in social media platforms as a part of digital marketing campaigns

5. Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been in trend for the past few years now. There are quite a lot of individuals who have made quite a stable income source out of the same. But there is also an alarming number of cases where the influencers take up promotions of brands just for the money (sponsored), making them less trustworthy. This is what led to the emergence of micro-influencer marketing, where companies can choose social media influencers who do not have a huge number of followers but provide genuine and reliable content. 

6. Programmatic Advertising

Finding the right place to put your advertisements and going over the same process for each social media channel can be quite a hectic task. This is where programmatic advertising comes to play. Here, digital marketers are provided with the right space to buy and sell ad space automatically. The algorithms do all the hard work and digital marketers can reap its benefits by being able to focus on the right set of audiences at the right time. 

7. Video Marketing

The past few years have seen an exponential rise in video marketing. More and more companies and brands have begun investing in video marketing, mainly due to their high Return on Investment. It is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of the audience and create an impact on them. Digital marketers have now made video marketing a staple in their campaigns and strategies. 

8. Augmented Reality

The future potential of using Augmented Reality in Digital marketing is almost limitless. There are numerous creative ways in which companies are already making use of AR. Customers of Ikea can now see how the furniture in the store would actually look in their house, without having to buy them first. This is one of the many ways in which augmented reality has changed the way we look at things. 

9. Employee Activation

Employees are the biggest cheerleaders of a company. This is exactly the philosophy behind employee activation. If the employees are satisfied and happy with the way the company treats them, they act as a sort of micro-influencers for the company, leading to more and more acceptance and goodwill which is one of the ultimate aims of every company, be it digital or otherwise. 

10. Insights driven marketing

One of the biggest competitive advantages any company or brand could use is the accurate data they have on the customers and the competitors. Just common information that barely scratches the surface does no good for anyone. Insight-driven marketing is what are and more marketers focus on, as it gives more customer engagement, customer experience, and effective decision making. 

Leno Benoy
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