Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education: The Future of Teaching 2022

Pranav Veerani

Education and modern technologies go hand in hand nowadays, ideas that seemed unrealistic and far-fetched are being implemented in Learning Management Systems and eLearning Platforms. And artificial intelligence (AI) in education is one of those new technologies.

AI in education is making enormous strides in simplifying learning and teaching experiences around the world. In this article, we’ll highlight the impacts and benefits of artificial intelligence in education.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple words, artificial intelligence or AI is the simulation of human minds through machines and computer systems.

Alan Turing would describe it as “systems that act like humans

AI in education utilises machine learning to identify different and recurring patterns in data and behaviour. Then it uses this data for qualitative decision making and automation processes in Learning Management Systems.


Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Education


Personalized Learning Experiences

AI-based eLearning platforms can utilise machine learning to understand a student’s pace of learning, knowledge retention capacity, strengths, weaknesses, academic history and gaps in knowledge to form a unique learning process that saves time and delivers effective results simultaneously.


AI-Powered Learning Content

Artificial Intelligence in education can enhance learning content remarkably.

  • Digital Learning Content: Customizable and engaging digital books, guides, micro-learning content, etc. can be developed with AI.
  • Content Visualization: Concept visualization through AI-powered AR glasses or cameras can provide an immersive learning environment.
  • Up-to-date Learning Content: Course materials and content in Learning Management Systems can be regularly updated according to the latest regulations.


AI-Powered Task Automation

AI in education and AI-based eLearning platforms can easily automate mundane, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Tasks like grading tests, attendance tracking, identifying learning patterns, answering queries and other administrative work can be automated with the help of artificial intelligence in education.


AI-Powered Tutoring

AI tutors can be used to solve queries and explain challenging concepts outside the classroom. Yes, AI tutors can’t replace human teachers but they can provide extra information and guidance 24/7.


Access to Education for Differently-Abled Students

AI in education examples for differently-abled students:

  • Easy-to-understand text summarizations for students with learning impairments;
  • AI-powered text to audio conversion for visually impaired students;
  • Captioning in real-time for students with hearing impairment;
  • AI-powered special classes for students with Autism to learn new skills comfortably.


24/7 Global Access to Learning

AI in education provides tools like chatbots, tutors and digital assistants that can facilitate 24/7 learning opportunities from anywhere. Learning is no longer limited to specific places like classrooms, students can access course materials and enable a comfortable and top-quality learning experience without travelling expenses or the availability of teachers.


Perks of Artificial Intelligence in Education for Students

From instantaneous query solving to maximum accessibility, students can gain a lot from AI. Let’s look at a few student-centric AI benefits.


Interactive and Immersive Learning

AI in education can easily uplift learning experiences because it is a technology that learns and understands the students thoroughly.


Less Performance Pressure

Students always suffer from performance pressure among other students. This problem can be solved with the help of AI-powered tutors, allowing the students to type questions in a chat box and get instant answers with ease.


Enhanced Student-Teacher Communication

AI in education makes it easy for teachers to identify the reasons behind bad grades or difficult behavioural patterns in the classroom. This helps the educators to anticipate challenges and ameliorate learning experiences for effective and long-lasting results.



AI is a boon for the education sector. With endless features and benefits, artificial intelligence and education have proven to be a powerful combination.

Artificial intelligence has endless possibilities in the education sector, and that is the main takeaway from this article.

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Pranav Veerani
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