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Court Marriage In Delhi

Sunny Singh
Court Marriage In Delhi

Court Marriage In Delhi


 Court marriage is becoming the best way to perform a memorable marriage between 2 parties with their proper concerns. The varieties of court marriage attract people and they're willing to do this. If you're living in the Capital (Delhi) and planning to have a court marriage with your love then you're at the right place. Here, we're going to discuss Court marriage and its type and I am assured that after discussing the whole concept your willingness for performing court marriage reaches the peak.


Plenty of people execute their court marriages in Delhi daily. And lots of people also get into fraud due to lack of education. Fraud lawyers charge high fees to them on a low cost, economical, and easy to do court marriage. But don't worry, we're here to inform you of different variants of court marriage. So, without wasting any time let's get started.


Court Marriage In Delhi


Court marriage in Delhi NCR is a concept where the bride and the groom will get married with full consent under the supervision of the f court. This type of marriage is economical and costs less. Not only this, but the court will also issue a dedicated marriage certificate that is globally accepted. The concept of court marriage in Delhi NCR is very broad and divided into various variants. Let's have an eye on them.


Same Day Court Marriage In Delhi



The most popular type of course marriage in Delhi is the same-day court marriage in Delhi. Generally, the whole procedure of Court marriage takes the total time duration of 30 days after applying for marriage but same-day court marriage in Delhi gives an advantage to the couple to get their court marriage performed in Delhi in just 1 day. You just have to maintain all the documents required and have a professional lawyer with you. We've also talked about the documents required downwards.



Tatkal Court Marriage In Delhi


Plenty of people get fraudulent from the concept of Tatkal court marriage in Delhi and give higher fees in its name. Tatkal court marriage is the same concept as Same day court marriage in Delhi. Here, you're facilitated to perform your court marriage in Just one day. Make sure to have proper documentation, application form, and witnesses.



Urgent Court Marriage In Delhi


Urgent court marriage in Delhi is a type of marriage where the couple gets married in just 2-3 hours. You just have to take the form and fill it consciously (It costs generally 100/- to 150/-). Submit the form with all other documents (Discussed below) and also submit the fees. Hence, you'll get married and the marriage certificate will get issued to you.



Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi


If you belong to the Hindu religion and are willing to perform your marriage with proper Hindu rituals then Arya Samaj's marriage in Delhi is best for you. People from other religions (Except Muslims) can also perform Arya Samaj's marriage in Delhi. If any Muslim wants to perform Arya Samaj's marriage then he/she passed through the Suddhi process. Firstly, the court will collect all the documents and verify them. After the confirmation of the registrar, you'll be sent to an Arya Samaj mandir in Delhi where you perform your marriage in traditional Hindu rituals.




Note:- What is Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi?


Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi is a worship place/Temple where the couple performs their marriage as per the rituals of Hinduism. Well, you have to make sure to only visit the Government Authorised Arya Samaj mandir in Delhi for marriage otherwise you may face difficulties at the time of marriage registration.



Marriage Registration In Delhi



After completing the marriage, the couple completes their marriage registration in Delhi. Plenty of couples ignore this but let me tell you that Marriage registration is proof that your marriage is done with full consent. This is evidence that protects you from future consequences especially if you're pursuing your marriage without family consent.


To complete your marriage registration in Delhi, you just have to fill the application form and visit the SDM office. After verifying your documents you'll get your marriage registration certificate. Make sure to have a professional lawyer with you who helps you to perform procedure requirements.



Court Marriage in Ghaziabad


If you're from Ghaziabad and want to perform your court marriage with your groom then you can easily perform your court marriage in Ghaziabad in the court of Ghaziabad. Consult a professional lawyer and arrange all the documents. Likewise, in Delhi, you have to fill the form and submit it to the office of the marriage registrar. After verification of documents and witnesses, your marriage gets completed.




Documents required in Court marriage in Delhi?


After discussing all the major types of court marriage in Delhi, it's time to discuss what type of documents you're required to perform court marriage in Delhi.


●     Address proof of both Bride and groom is required. Aadhar card and passport can be used as Address proof.

●     The couple will also have to show a PAN card as their ID proof.

●     Age proof document is one of the manor documents which you have to show. This is done to check whether the age of both the parties is eligible for marriage or not (18 years for girls and 21 years for boys). You can show your PAN card, Passport, and matriculation certificate. 

●     Application form of court marriage which is available in the court. Make sure it is filled properly and duly signed by both parties.

●     2 witnesses, one from each side are also required with their ID proof.


These are the major documentation requirements for completing the work of court marriage in Delhi. You may consult a professional court marriage lawyer for more information.





So, here we discussed Court marriage in Delhi. If you consciously read this article then I'm sure that you got precious information regarding court marriage Delhi. If you're also planning to have a court marriage in Delhi then contact the professional lawyer and start your paper from now.  

Sunny Singh
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