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8 Unusual SEO Strategies That You Probably Haven't Used

8 Unusual SEO Strategies That You Probably Haven't Used

The SEO world has transformed overwhelmingly. There was a time when keyword stuffing, low-quality articles, spamful backlinks, and forum comments would increase your rankings, but now is not the case. Hence good SEO Work is essential, and good link-building is a part of it.

Today we, as Hire SEO Freelancer, will teach you some unusual link-building strategies that work as well as, if not better than the usual ones; you can incorporate these techniques with your typical plan to boost your links. 

Unusual link-building techniques for SEO

These are the unusual link-building strategies, which we will talk about today.


Ask yourself, do you like practical jokes and playing pranks on people? If so, you will love this tip. You can make a fake funny product or parody website on a big brand's name.

However, if you overdo it, you can get abuse and negative publicity.         

Discounts and interviews

Educational (.edu) backlinks are the cherry on top. Google keeps these on a podium always. So what does it need to be mentioned by a university academic research? You aren't required to be an expert on any course. Here are four methods to do it.

●      Offer a discount on your products to students and staff.

●      Offer scholarships to students.

●      Interview a prominent staff or invite the team to write a guest post.

●      Pay students to open a blog and link it to you.

Create a job listing board

Do you wish to add value to your brand and earn high-quality situational backlinks to your website altogether? Then, create an industry opportunities board. It's an excellent link-baiting asset, even though it's a work-intensive technique to SEO.

However, when job openings start appearing on your website, your job board will become popular.  

Launch a meetup campaign: When you launch a meetup campaign where all bloggers and marketers gather, share knowledge about the brand and have fun, you get backlinks as a bonus from whoever thought that your brand is valuable. 

Presenting original perspectives

The secret ingredient to creating a successful blog is to make it unique. Users are attracted to a particular brand if it's fresh and presents the idea in a way like no one ever did.

So if your blog has your unique voice, you will get thousands of clicks and views guaranteed.

Creating a value-added asset

You need to create a source that entertains your sector, Presents value-added data in an easy-to-understand format, or a free tool that helps in performing business tasks.

Blogs and media houses don't miss a chance to make valuable assets, so shouldn't you? 

Professional designing

Make a high-quality content page, but boost its readability and visual charm by hiring a professional designer like Hire SEO Freelancer.

Doing this can also help brand awareness when designed graphics are used throughout your social media platforms.  

Share your success story

Maybe you like reading and implementing a strategy from an influencer's blog. And after that, traffic comes to your website, and you are thrilled about it. So what's next? If you ask us, share your success story with the person with a thank you note.

The influencer will be obliged to know how that advice helped you. In the end, educating the readers and adding value are two primary blogging goals. If your outcome is convincing, the chances are that you get featured on the influencer's blog.

If you don't have the time to do all this yourself, we provide Cheap SEO Services to help your brand and pages get to the top.    

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