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3 Major Types of Telemedicine Services You Can Find in Orlando!

3 Major Types of Telemedicine Services You Can Find in Orlando!

Since the COVID outbreak, it has become a little difficult for some people to get a consultation or individual therapy in Winter Park. Luckily, we are now in the era of telemedicine where everything is made easier. Telemedicine is simply the practice of using technology to link a healthcare provider to the patients, even though they are far away from each other.

The art of Telemedicine works in different ways, all of them centered around data transfer and communications. If you are consulting a therapist over the phone, or laptop, you are already practicing telemedicine! Let's look at the other types of telemedicine services in Orlando.

#1. Live Telemedicine

Live or Real-time telemedicine is one of the types of telemedicine services that makes it all easier to do a doctor-patient visit anywhere and anytime. This type includes two-way communication, which may be phone consultations or video conferencing. It gives way for patients and their doctors to communicate in real-time.

Every assessment that needs to be carried out, including the basic visual tests, assessments of medical history, psychiatric evaluations, and others, can be done through this type of telemedicine.

#2. The 'Store and Forward' Practices

The 'Store-and-forward' type of telemedicine makes it possible for patients to access their medical records and data across long distances. Assuming you have gone through an individual therapy in Winter Park, you can acquire your medical results and data from across vast distances. One of the major advantages of this type of medicine is that it doesn’t require the simultaneous attention of both parties, delivering and receiving. 

For example, a field specialist or caregiver can decide to collect the necessary information, upload it, while another provider will come in later to give a detailed inspection.

#3. Remote Patient Monitoring

Finally, the other type of telemedicine is known as remote patient monitoring. This type of telemedicine allows professional healthcare providers to monitor patient's health data from afar, especially in times when the patient is at their comfortable homes. Remote patient monitoring can significantly reduce the time a patient needs to spend in health clinics and hospitals, instead of letting them recover under any monitoring service at home.

RPM is most effective for people with chronic conditions like asthma, heart disease, and diabetes. Long before now, technology that allows patients to monitor themselves for some of these conditions has existed, but now, every important health data can be shared with doctors and other professionals in the field, remotely. There is equipment that can transfer basic medical data to doctors automatically, giving them the space and time to carefully provide a much better level of care, as well as monitor the patient for early signs of medical issues.


Today, Telemedicine is a fertile field that has increasingly altered the face of healthcare in a relatively short amount of time. By improving communication, a primary physician can get access to a wide range of specialists without any need to travel. Telemedicine services in Orlando create a network of health professionals who can assess and educate their patients to a certain unprecedented level.

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