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Reason to choose neon flex led strip light

Dexonn Lighting
Reason to choose neon flex led strip light

Neon flex is a new lighting technique that is causing a great sensation in all kinds of businesses. As you can practically imagine by its name, it is modern flexible led neon that, unlike the old glass ones, is presented with a PVC-based material where a strip of LED is embedded inside, from here the optimization of colour happens. 

Thanks to the degree of flexibility of this neon flex led strip, it is much easier to incorporate it into any surface. However, the advantages of this Neon Flex go far beyond the flexibility of the product itself since in addition to being much more resistant, it can be cut in certain sections to continue splicing it later with another Strip of Flexible Neon.

The Neon Flex, much more effective than the old glass Neon

One of the most important aspects of this Neon Flex is the savings energy. This Neon Flex can save more than 70% of energy.

Thanks to this, it has a lower impact on the environment and also allows the user to save with its installation. On the other hand, its versatility and durability are other remarkable aspects, since it has quite interesting figures, offering a useful life of more than 30,000 hours at full capacity. These are one of the main advantages of neon flex and what has made this product so outstanding today.

Undoubtedly, a perfect ally for any type of business that intends to improve the lighting of the same and, in addition, saves some money on your electricity bills. In short, it is here to stay, thanks to all the advantages it offers.

Advantages of Led Neon Flex

Seeing the differences between the two, we can review that the advantages of the Neon Flex LED strip are:

  1. Efficient, its LED technology allows a saving of more than 70% compared to its conventional neon counterpart, consumption of only 10-12W on average for each linear meter. In addition, it emits practically no heat. The outer shell made of two layers of PVC improves the optical effect producing greater light efficiency. It maintains colour stability over time by offering low light depreciation. It decreases maintenance and reduces chromatic errors.
  2. Lightweight, with compact and versatile parts that simplify the design process.
  3. Flexible, built with super flexible materials, which allow creating radiates of up to 2 cm.
  4. Resistant, with a double layer of PVC that gives it extra protection, including vibrations, shocks, traffic, and other abuse. With UV inhibitors that protect you from the most adverse environmental conditions. IP68.
  5. Easy installation and transport, packaged in coils, small size, and easy transport. The installation is so simple that it drastically reduces labour costs. Allows direct connection to 220 V and sections of up to 45 meters with a single feeder.
  6. Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, lead and mercury-free.
  7. Versatile, it must be cut by its cutting marks, fix the clamping guides, place the terminals and be ready.
  8. Safety, adaptability, and strength make it 100% protected, against the delicacy of conventional neon glass tubes.
  9. Durable, it has a life of more than 30,000 hours. Made with high-quality LEDs and low heat dissipation.

The flex led strip light is the perfect replacement for traditional glass. In addition to this, it must also be ruled out that the Neon Flex LED is more energy-efficient, durable, and easy to install than traditional systems and its appearance is identical. The Neon Flex LED is practically unbreakable. It is light, flexible and with a great capacity for recycling, complying with all quality regulations such as the ROHS that guarantee that the luminaire is free of lead and mercury.

Another of the great advantages of the flex led strip light is that they can be cut by the indicated cut marks (usually every 1 meter) and splice anywhere through their specific joint connectors. It has a service life of more than 30,000 hours and has a two-year warranty to ensure a lasting effect.  

Hope all these reasons are sufficient for you to choose neon flex led strip light. If yes, then buy it now!

Dexonn Lighting
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