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Defining the Best LED Strip Lights

Flexfire LEDs Inc
Defining the Best LED Strip Lights

Searching for the best LED strip lights for your home or business, but unsure where to start?

Consider Flexfire LEDs, producers of the world’s highest-quality LED strip lights. To them, best is not just a subjective qualifier. They back the claim up. Here’s a quick overview of what they offer and what makes their products truly stand out.

Quality of Components

Flexfire LEDs works very closely with the engineers and manufacturers of the individual components of their LED strip lights, selecting LED chips, resistors, PCBs, and packaging that meet their standards.

These components are meticulously tested and selected for their efficiency, thermal performance, longevity, safety, consistency, and color-rendering indices.

Proven Performance

All Flexfire LED strip lights are subjected to rigorous LM-79 photometric testing, which uses a goniophotometer to record a variety of metrics associated with brightness, efficiency, intensity, and more.

Among the many factors and qualities for which Flexfire tests its LEDs are:

  • Lumen output (brightness)
  • Luminous intensity (a measure of the brightness emitted in a particular direction from the light source)
  • Isocandela diagrams (which represent the brightness distribution of the source)
  • Color Rendering Index (better known as CRI, and a quality which shows how closely the light can show colors in their true shade, compared to natural sunlight)
  • Color Quality Scale, or CQS (this is an alternative to CRI, and measures color rendering and chromatic discrimination)
  • Efficiency (how many lumens per watt the lights produce)

This is also a small sampling of the data captured by LM-79 testing. Flexfire also performs LM-80 testing, which determines lumen decrease as the light ages as well as “chromaticity shift.”

Put simply, chromaticity shift is how much the color of the light output changes over time. Low-quality LEDs may at first offer a pure, bright white output, and degrade quickly to a warm pink or cool blue hue.

Flexfire’s rigorous testing helps ensure that their LEDs exhibit minimal chromaticity shift and that they deliver an exceptionally long lifespan - as long as 50,000 hours.

Reliability: “Burn-In” Testing

All Flexfire LED strip lights are “burned-in” for a period of 8 to 12 hours after production, ensuring operability and reliability. As a result, you can expect all Flexfire products to work properly, every time, producing consistent color temperature, CRI, and brightness.

Safety Standards and Compliance

Flexfire LED strip lights are UL, CE, and RoHS listed and are proven safe, pose no safety risks, and are free of hazardous materials.

What Flexfire LEDs Offers

In addition to producing and purveying the best LED strip lights in the industry, Flexfire LEDs also offers free shipping on qualifying orders (over $89), a money-back guarantee, a 30-day return policy, and industry-leading warranties, up to 15 years on select strip lights.

Partnering with Industry Leaders 

You will be in good company if you choose Flexfire LEDs’ lights for your infrastructure. Among just a few of the companies that have worked with them are Apple, Google, Disney, Marriott, Royal Caribbean, and the Smithsonian Institution. You may very well have already been under Flexfire LEDs and simply not known it.

More Than the Best LED Strip Lights

Flexfire LEDs offers much more than LED strip lights, with a huge range of products in its catalog. Their inventory includes but is not limited to aluminum mounting extrusions, dimmers, amplifiers, controllers, and more.

If You Are a Contractor, Distributor, Reseller, Designer, or OEM…

Flexfire LEDs offers discounted pricing as well as free samples for your project, along with fast quoting, expert lighting design, and first access to new products. Visit their website (via the previous link) for more details or get in touch with them at 1-844-353-9347, 925-973-9080, or at [email protected].

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Flexfire LEDs Inc
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