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How To Use A dab rig And The Benefits Of Doing So

How To Use A dab rig And The Benefits Of Doing So

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Doubts about the efficacy of dabbing? Purple Haze explains the advantages of a dab setup and how to use it properly.


Nowadays, there are several ways to consume cannabis. Concentrates and flowers are in high demand because people want a more potent and immersive experience. Dabbing is a common and enjoyable method of consuming cannabis concentrates, resulting in an intensely flavorful and THC-rich high. 


When it comes to dabbing, you may have got every single question. When it comes to dabs, Purple Haze is here to answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect kind of dab rig.



A Dab Rig Has Several Components, But What Do They Do?


This is a great location to get a rig if you've never dabbed before and want to become an expert vaporizer. Aside from the greatest dab rigs and pipes in Colorado, Purple Haze also sells a variety of extras and storage space.


It's dubbed a "dab rig" because it's similar to a water pipe, but it's made exclusively for dabbing. Most of the time, they are constructed of glass and available in a variety of colors and sizes. It all boils down to personal choice, so choose what works best for you. Whether you're looking for a cheap dab rig or a high-end artisan piece, we've got you covered.


Dab rigs come with a built-in well and a spout. To get started, you'll need to buy a nail, torch, and cotton swabs.


To easily melt and vaporize your concentrates, you'll need the nail, which is a well on your dab rig that you heat. To make the rig a rig rather than a regular water pipe, this is the most critical component. With a torch, it is heated to a very high temperature. When heating a nail, keep your fingers away from it.


In addition to being called a dabber, the dabber is also known as a dab tool. Dab tools are the most often used utensil.


Using a torch, butane is blown into the nail to melt the concentration, allowing you to inhale. It is simple to get a torch and it does not take long to utilize it. You may use a torch to burn the nail to a reddish-pink color. Then, use the dab tool to add the wax.


Tiny lids called carb caps are used to protect and improve airflow around the nail. However, they aren't essential.


Clean your dab setup with cleaning alcohol and Q-tips after each usage. You don't want a shabby-looking setup. Cases for storing your dab setup and other equipment are available from several retailers. You don't want to spoil the celebration by breaking the rigs.



A Guide To Dab Rig Selection


Always choose a color palette, budget, and mobility that works for you. Dabbing isn't the most convenient method of ingesting cannabis, but it's a strong and enjoyable experience. Our Heady Glass rigs are the best-looking and best-quality on the market. Our shop constantly carries them. To ensure the vapor reaches your lips quickly, choose a smaller rig. Keep in mind that too many percolators might cause the wax to be distilled too much.


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