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6 Health Benefits of Probiotics – Enterogermina

6 Health Benefits of Probiotics – Enterogermina

Have you seen those numerous rows of probiotic bottles and packs in super stores and even your local outlets lately? Have your wondered would be a wise choice to opt for one of the probiotic supplements and start on improving your gut health. You are thinking on the right lines and prioritizing gut health is the right way to start a healthy lifestyle. However, before you begin any specific product or brand of probiotics, take a look at some of the most important benefits it's going to give you with daily consumption. The benefits of probiotics are not limited to these mentioned below.

1.     Intestinal Health Benefits

The ‘good bacteria’ naturally present in the intestine is what assists the motility of the gut. It also is an integral part of the ENS or the enteric nervous system. Constipation occurs when the bowel movements are slower than normal and this is due to reduced bacteria in the intestine. This can happen because of over consumption of antibiotics, poor diet, and major illnesses. Diarrhea is another form of intestinal and digestive system malfunctioning. During any illness, large consumption of antibiotics can lead to severe side effects like diarrhea. Antibiotic induced diarrhea can be reduced up to 42% with the daily dosage of probiotics. Not just reduction but prevention of diarrhea can also be a big benefit probiotics give and certain bacteria strains can be helpful in reducing the time one suffers from diarrhea. Bacteria strains, namely Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus caseiare some of the strains commonly known to have a good effect on your gut health when facing diarrhea.

2.     Mental Health Benefits

Stability of mental health and mood swing control is closely associated with the health of your gut and the overall digestive system. An irritated gut and disorder in the smooth functioning of the intestines can be one of the major reasons of your mood swings, episodes of lethargy and motivation less phases in life. He microbiota in your gut can be ruling your brain functions and probiotics can be a good solution for it. Handling stress and releasing it can be done effectively with the help of some probiotics for adults.

Your energy levels can also benefit drastically with the help of probiotics. Your food is broken down in the gut and it produces Vitamin-B, which is a energy boosting element. This can be achieved with the help of probiotics.

3.      Weight Management Benefits

A lot of people invest in high costing diets schedules and health regimes, but simply forget to just take of their gut and digestive system. A simple step in taking care of your gut can give you weight loss effects as well. Healthy weight management can be achieved with probiotics and the maintenance of a health level of ‘good bacteria’ in your gut. Extensive research shows that the microbiota of your gut can be an influencing factor in how your body breaks down the fats and carbohydrates from your food. People with a lean body have different bacteria in their gut than those who are on the obese side. With the daily consumption of probiotics, studies have shown the bacteria in obese people to slowly change to the ones that lean bodied people have.

4.      Immunity Benefits

The immunity of your body is directly proportional to the health of your gut. The majority of the immune cells in our body lie in the gut and hence maintaining these cells in the right proportion is very important. Multiple numbers of probiotic strains help in maintaining this balance and are highly recommended by doctors nowadays. A compromised immune system means the growth of harmful bacteria in your gut and this can be completely prevented with the help of probiotics. Probiotics for kids will ensure their growing stage pays attention to gut health and immunity building. Reduction of respiratory infections in kids can be seen in a lot of studies conducted with kids who have been consuming probiotics on a daily basis.

5.      Prevention and Cure of Yeast Infection Benefits

The balance between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut keeps fluctuating due to a lot of reasons and this can cause the growth of yeast infection to your intestine. Yeasts, namely Candida Albicans start to grow on and in your intestine and get out of control. The uncontrolled spread can cause your gut flora harm and this can be prevented with the help of probiotics. These harmful yeast strains can be curbed down and prevented from spreading with the right strain of bacteria, present in probiotics for adults.

6.      Mother and Child Benefits

A lot of new mothers face gut disorders like diarrhea and constipation after giving birth. The process of child birth has been compared to getting a new life. Hence the effects it has can be drastic on your intestinal health. Probiotics can be consumed to help with that. With respect to the child, the breast milk he/she consumes can be broken down effectively to give the baby all the nutrients it needs, with the help of probiotics for kids. Colic is another issue faced by new born babies and probiotics can be very helpful in reducing these effects to give the child an irritation free growth regime.

The benefits of probiotics cannot be summed up in a few points as a large number of studies are being held worldwide to prove the advantages one can enjoy with just a small dosage of probiotics, every day. However, it can be stated with surety that probiotics can make a very strong impact on your overall health and body functioning. They can not only keep you healthy but assure anti-aging effects as well. Consult your health expert today and get to know which strain of bacteria is the most useful for your body and go for the probiotic which is made of it.

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