6 Seater Dining Table Sets: Perfect For The Urban Indian Family

Toshi Sharma

India is changing every single day. It adapts to the plethora of things that happen all across the world. On some days it is a new law, and on others, it’s a rally. And this does not stop on the streets, the changes and power of adaptability can be seen at homes as well. And this is why I believe that getting a 6 seater dining table set is important. 

Now, this entire thing may sound far-fetched- especially since rallies and dining tables are quite different. But there is a reason why this makes sense (to me, and hopefully to you as well). Listed below are the reasons why getting a 6 seater dining table is an ideal choice for urban Indian families. 


  • Most urban families have an average of 4.44 people in their homes. This does not mean that there are half individuals in the family (It’s just how statistics works). This means that in an average household- there are, at least, 4 members. According to social norms- this means that the two parents live with their kids. 


  • There are also families wherein there are more than the typical ‘hum do, humare do’. The grandparents are also a part of the household and live together in a compact space. This means that there may be more than 4 people in the house. Even when there are not more than 2 generations- there’s almost always an expectation of more individuals becoming a part of the household- be it because of the addition of people via marriage or birth. 


  • Indian culture revels in the custom of welcoming any and all guests into their homes. This is precisely why ‘Atithi Devo bhava’ is a thing. People can show up at any time and any day- and often, without any notice! Regardless, serving them snacks and food is an age-old tradition that everyone follows.


In either of the three situations mentioned above, there are approximately 4 or more individuals that stay in an average household. Changes happen every day- people grow up and may need their own space. Or they may get older and get married or have kids. This uneven trajectory of life requires that you plan certain things in advance. Like the number of seats, you may require for the dining table set in your home. 


Dining Tables Are Investments for the Future

A home furniture unit is a huge investment and an average Indian household plans early for the years ahead. The price of making any item differs, and changing things on a yearly basis is not possible. Just how changing homes is not possible year after another. This is one of the prime reasons why it is important to get a 6 seater dining table set. It allows you to plan ahead of all major life changes. With a modern dining table set 6 seater, you would never have to worry about the viability of the dining set. So even if there are people who surprise us with food to eat dinner together or after years of being a 3 or 4 person family, there are 5 individuals (congratulations, by the way), you will need a 6 seater dining table set


You can also get an easy and classic extendable dining table, or a folding dining table that can seat 6 people in order to give the adequate space needed. You can also get a glass dining table set to enhance the look of your home.


This is what makes the 6 seater Sheehsham wood dining table set perfect for the urban Indian household. You never have to worry about people visiting or the number of people in the family increasing as you will have ample space for all kinds of people in your home (like I do). The best bit- you will be able to give all members of your family and your guests the space and respect they deserve. 

Toshi Sharma
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