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5 Rules for Pairing Dining Table Set Singapore Properly

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5 Rules for Pairing Dining Table Set Singapore Properly

1. Starting with the basics abstain from package deals

The bundle offer was created by retailers so that customers wouldn't have to worry about matching dining chairs and tables. It was crucial to get rid of the anxiety and uncertainty. This makes sense. But that design strategy feels a little dated. And it's time to move on, just like double denim and belly piercings.


To create a well-rounded house, the current design method is known as "style grazing"; take a bit from one aesthetic, a sprinkle from another mood, and a dash from a third theme and combine them all. It will function.

The dining room is no different. The appearance and feel of your dining room are likely to be uninspiring if you buy your dining table set singapore as a matching set.

2. You should use different materials for your table and chairs.

Since package dining suites are to be avoided, it only stands to reason that a table and chair set made of the same material is likewise to be avoided. As an illustration, consider a metal dining table and metal dining chairs or an oak dining table and oak dining chairs.


The above instance from a recent episode of The Block clearly exemplifies my view. With so much wood in the image, it just feels too weighty and warmly colored. Fortunately, there is a rug beneath to help break up the warm wood tones a little, but even that won't help the room.


3. They ought to be in various colors.


It's critical to get the color of the space just perfect, and it becomes much more important when the dining table and chairs are matched. Although you may have combined the materials, you also need to make sure you blended the colors.


That is, in an ideal world. It can work in some dining rooms where the table and chairs are the same color (in minimal Scandi-vibe home, for example). However, I'm assuming you want your house to seem more layered, in which case switching up the color is advised.

4. Your flooring is also important

Just to throw a wrench into the works, another factor to take into account when choosing a dining table and chairs is the color of your flooring. The ground, table, and chairs all have very similar colors, which is where you might make the largest blunders.


Assuming you have already experienced this, a rug is a good way to break up the possible monotony (if your dining room is big enough to accommodate it; if not, here is some advice on picking a dining room rug for you). Another excellent method to lessen the weighty effect of all those harsh textures in a dining environment is to add some softness beneath the table.

Variation Is Crucial

Never set a wood table of the same color right on top of hard flooring like hardwood. Either select a table made of a different material (glass, metal, or marble), or select a wood that is significantly lighter or darker. This notion is beautifully shown in the graphic above from Metricon.


In the event that this is not possible (and your dining table's color matches your flooring already), add chairs with a soft color and texture. Recall that variation is important. variations in color, composition, form, etc.

5. Compare the chair height to the table size.

The benefit of purchasing one of those older dining suite packages is knowing that the chair height will be ideal. Literally, you can see them in the shop, sit at the table, and be certain that everything will work together.


But we are aware that bundle offers are antiquated. Therefore, if your dining table and chairs aren't from the same retailer, the one piece of advice we can provide you is to measure the size.

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