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Everything you need to know regarding liver transplant cost in India

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Everything you need to know regarding liver transplant cost in India

At present, a liver transplant will be considered when the liver fails to function properly. This might be due to infection or complications caused by certain disorders and medicines. It will be imperative to evaluate a potential transplant patient comprehensively before any surgery. A liver can be obtained from a cadaver or a living donor.

What is the function of the liver and why do we require a transplant?

It is a fact that the liver happens to be the biggest internal organ of the human system and it is approximately 3 pounds. Its location is below the diaphragm on the abdomen’s right side.

Lots of complicated functions are performed by the liver within our system which consists of the following:

• Metabolizes nutrients from food items for producing energy

• Generates the majority of the proteins required by your system

• Produces bile which is required to absorb vitamins and digest fat

• Produces the majority of the substances responsible for controlling blood clotting

• Prevents deficiency of nutrients by storing certain minerals, vitamins, and sugar

• Enables your system to combat infection by getting rid of harmful bacteria from the blood

• Gets rid of toxic wastes caused by certain medications

What is the liver transplant cost in India?

In general, the liver transplant cost in this country will be somewhere between Rs. 20 lakh and Rs. 30 lakh. This cost will be significantly less unlike the expenses of the identical transplant as well as the care provided in hospitals in the developed nations.

There can be certain variations in this type of liver transplant cost which will depend on certain aspects such as the type of surgery, the overall health condition of the patient, the hospital, duration of the treatment, medical reports, and so on. Since the exact cost of treatment will differ according to these factors, it will be advisable for the patients to discuss the cost of a liver transplant with the medical practitioners prior to the surgery.

The cost of liver transplants in India is quite less unlike that of the developed countries such as the UK, the US, Thailand, Turkey, or Singapore. Nevertheless, there is no significant difference in the quality of care and infrastructure provided by the medical team, the expertise of the liver transplant surgeons, or the rate of success. For this reason, India is considered to be a preferred destination for patients who like to undergo surgery in a liver transplant hospital in India at affordable rates.

Who are the main candidates for liver transplantation?

Individuals struggling with severe liver disorders or irreversible chronic liver ailments happen to be prospective candidates for this type of surgery. It will be imperative for the doctor to evaluate precisely whether any patient will be fit to go through the surgery depending on his health conditions. One has to undertake a diagnostic procedure and it will be feasible to figure out whether one can go for liver transplantation depending on the advice of the doctors and the test results. Apart from the health condition, one’s financial and economic aspects should also be considered in this case.

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