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Hey there,

You’ve known us as Techsite.io, but we are now known as Zupyak, a community-based B2B content platform. The Techsite name has carried us to where we are today. Our free content platform has tracked 250.000+ users who have published hundreds of thousands of articles. With the change to Zupyak, we’re now able to reach a bigger audience than the tech community, deliver more features, better search, and an improved user experience.

The key improvements are:

  • A revamped user interface and a fresh new look
  • Improved search engine visibility of your content
  • Easier to discover content with a more clear category structure 


Log in to your account to check out our new features or learn more about the change to Zupyak. One last thing…. Help us help you by spreading the word about Zupyak!

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