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Balu Industries

A crankshaft is defined as a rotating shaft which converts reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational motion. These are commonly used in internal combustion engines and consist of a series cranks along with crankpins, to which these connecting rods are attached. The crankshafts rotate within the engine block through their usage in the main bearings, and the crankpins tend to rotate within the connecting rods, making use of rod bearings. Crankshafts are composed of metal d the most modern crankshafts are constructed with the use of forged steel. Balu Industries is a leading crankshaft manufacturing company and aims at combining quality with precision, in all its crankshafts.


There are 3 major types of crankshafts, which can be used in engines:


Cast Cranks:


These cranks have been in use for a long time and are commonly used in a lot of diesel and petrol engines. These are constructed from malleable iron through a casting process and are cheap to make, hence they are a common choice for many crankshafts manufacturers in India. A flat plane crank is the place where the journals are 180 degrees apart in all in-line 4 engines, whereas the cross-plane crank need a module of multiple parts because of the asymmetrical nature of journals and counterweights. Cast cranks can be flame hardened to improve wear resistance in particular areas.

Forged Cranks:


These are more robust crankshafts than a cast rank and are usually found in higher-stressed engines long with some standard 16v engine. A forged crank is constructed in a unique way with a set of dies being machines to the approximate shape fo the crank. These does are made to rest in a large hydraulic press, under a clamping force of many tons. A hot bar of high-grade steel alloy is placed onto the bottom die, after which the dies are closed. These dies are then squeezed very tightly and the material is compacted,aligned better than the casting process. These type of cranks are hardened with the help of induction hardening. Balu Industries is a leading forged crankshaft supplier and caters to diverse spheres.

Billet Cranks:


Best cranks for engines, billet cranks are perfect for engines.These cranks are popular owing to their low crankshaft machining time and low requirements of balance due to the uniform makeup of the material.


Crankshafts are an integral part of machine components and Balu Industries aims at delivering the best with their products.

Balu Industries
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