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Buy Facebook ads accounts - 100% active and validated sales manager

Buy Facebook Ads accounts
Buy Facebook ads accounts - 100% active and validated sales manager

What are the new Facebook ad accounts?

This is when an account has been on Facebook for less than a year. Not enough time has passed since the user created the account for it to be considered a genuine profile.

Some Differences Between Old Facebook Ads Account and New Account vs. Facebook Ads

All old accounts will generate a significant traffic gain. On the contrary, new accounts can drive traffic, but they won't exactly do that.

New accounts will matter less. Meanwhile, old accounts guide you to high potential. buy facebook verified business manager.

Old accounts show more activity with others than new ones.

New accounts will be launched on the platform, which will reduce interaction with comments, likes and other activities on Facebook.

Old Facebook accounts give you more credibility and generate more revenue for your business. buy facebook verified business manager.

What is the most useful account you should buy?

We first looked at the distinction between old and new accounts. Therefore, the most profitable option for your business is to buy old Facebook accounts, as it brings more benefits to your campaigns and business than new ones. Remember that by buying new accounts, you are making people uncomfortable with the credibility of your sales. For this reason, it is best to purchase as many legacy accounts as possible.

Points to consider

You should always consider buying Facebook accounts that are over a year old.

The longer the account usage time, the better. It should be noted that the older the account, the more legitimate it seems. So you have to buy all these accounts showing as many friends as possible and if the account is very interactive then it is better for you. All of the above will help support the removal of campaigns, avoid possible bans and therefore take longer. buy facebook verified business manager.

Use different accounts to create campaigns.

Typically, if your business is running multiple campaigns at the same time, you'll need to run each campaign on a different account. This will reduce the risk of getting banned. buy facebook verified business manager.

Benefits of Buy Facebook Ad Accounts

customer approach

Facebook ad accounts allow you to establish a more direct dialogue between your business and the products or services you sell. It will bring great credibility and authenticity to your business. buy facebook verified business manager.

mouth to mouth

Facebook users will participate in a different marketing campaign by sharing the information they have received with many other people. This means it will boost a way to go viral. Buy an old Facebook account for advertising.

real time

These accounts help you get real-time feedback from users. You have the opportunity to solve many problems at the right time. Buy an old Facebook account using the Marketplace.


Purchasing a Facebook Ads account allows you to target your purchase toward a specific goal that matches your business interests. Buy an old Facebook account using the Marketplace. Verified Facebook Business Manager account.

Considerable reach

Thanks to the number of people in the accounts purchased, your ad will appear on different profiles without borders. Depending on your needs and the strategy you create for your account. Facebook CEO.

Buy a Facebook account and grow your business

Since these accounts are from real people, they can attract more people to increase your brand awareness. Plus, because these accounts have real-time activity, you'll meet your company's advertising goals. By acquiring this service from our company, you will have the opportunity to reach and promote your business to a level that you had not thought of.

Steps to Follow a Facebook Ad Account Strategy

You need multiple ad accounts. Create a freelance account to work for any client or company. Also pay for all ads with different payment methods and organize reports by purpose.

You must request access to ad accounts. Purchasing ad accounts gives you access to your ad accounts as an analyst or advertiser.

If many people are accessing the accounts, you can assign permissions. You need to assign different roles to the people who manage

Buy Facebook Ads accounts
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