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Real Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions - Does The Difference Matter?

Real Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions - Does The Difference Matter?

The world of hair extensions continues to grow, so do the materials used for hair extensions, and the available styles. Today, we have modern hair extensions that look like human hair. They blend seamlessly with the natural hair. In fact, many celebrities, influencers, and TikTok superstars wear hair extensions as an addition to their everyday look. 

Here we are going to clear the differences among real vs synthetic hair, and later you will come to know if the difference really matters. 

Honestly, the difference matters. Do you want to know the reason? Keep reading. 

Human hair extensions are made from a variety of human hair i.e., from Asian to Indian to European. Although there are different grades of human hair depending on how the hair has been collected, treated or sorted, but for now, we can limit our discussion to Remy hair, which is the most common type of hair extension available in the market. 

What is Remy human hair? 

Remy hair refers to hair of which the cuticle has been kept intact, not striped or aligned in any one direction. This process ensure that the hair will remain smooth, shiny and relatively tangle-free throughout its lifetime. The hair is chemically treated at a facility for color, however, for the most part, the integrity of the hair remains. This type of hair is the most desirable as it is literally made of the same material as the natural hair – keratin. This not only achieves the natural blend, but it also offers several advantages.


On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are made from a variety of artificial materials and contain no human hair at all. They can be made from acrylic, nylon or polyester, which are heated and sent through tiny micro tubes to mimic the look and feel of hair strands. As synthetic hair is made from artificial material, it will never look same like the human hair, they will be stiffer or move differently. They also an unnatural shine, and they are more noticeable as a hair piece. 

Know if you are purchasing synthetic hair from any company? 

Synthetic hair extensions may be referred to as: 

Vegan synthetic fiber from Japan. 

100% high heat synthetic fibers. 

Nextgen faux fiber. 

There are just fancy ways to say that the hair is made of fancy fibers. Many companies make them, but if you have your artificial hair to look natural, you should go for human hair. If you are looking for good hair extensions, you can come to us. We will help you. 

Robert Brown is the author of this article. For further detail about Bondi Hair Extensions please visit the website.

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