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7 Common E-Commerce SEO Issues That Everyone Faces

Aun Singapore
7 Common E-Commerce SEO Issues That Everyone Faces

When you're running an e-commerce business, you have to take good care of your website. If you don't present it in a way that attracts more and more audiences, it's going to impact your business badly. You also have to take the help of the best SEO company in Singapore to ensure that your website runs smoothly. Here are some of the common E-commerce issues that you may face on your website: 

1.Not Optimized For Mobile 

It becomes essential to optimise your website for mobile phones in this day and age. What are you waiting for if you haven't done it already? Hire an SEO company in Singapore and get the job done as soon as possible before your competitors take the benefits from your limitation.



When you stuff your content with too many keywords, it becomes more spam than something meaningful to the users. If you haven't gotten in touch with an SEO expert in Singapore already, you better make that deal quickly. You should include only relevant keywords in a topic rather than stuffing it up with all kinds of nonsense things.

3.Popup Ads 

Popup ads can prove to be a significant turn off for your clients. There are other ways of advertising your content that would be suggested to you by an SEO consultant in Singapore. You should strive to stay as far away from it as possible.

4.Multiple URL Routes 

There are times when there are multiple URL routes to the same web page. If the internal linking is not applied correctly, it can lead to the problem of duplication on your website. Content duplication is never a good thing for your website as multiple pages compete with the exact keywords. 

5.Payment System 

As time has passed by, technology has grown multi-folds. The payment system has to become smoother with the change in time. If you haven't succeeded at this task, you have to hire an SEO expert in Singapore and make the payment system hassle-free for the customers.


6.Poor Quality Of Content 

There's no explanation for the poor quality of your content. If you're putting out no quality information for the customers, why would they like to visit your website in the first place? This is when you have to consider taking the help of an SEO consultant in Singapore and making your valuable content for the clients. 

7.Ineffective Link Architecture 

When an organisation deals with multiple products at once, most of these products might be deeply rooted within a website. When it takes 4 to 5 clicks to reach the final e-commerce webpage, there are times when Google wouldn't even recognise your website. This is a terrible situation as customers might buy the identical product from a competing organisation. 

All these are common issues on a website and can be solved with the help of a quality SEO company in Singapore. It is essential to know the weaknesses of your E-commerce organisation before your opponents start taking advantage of it! 

Aun Singapore
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