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How Do Mattress Protectors Essential for You and Your Loved Ones?

How Do Mattress Protectors Essential for You and Your Loved Ones?

Generally, we sleep for an average of 8 hours per night and spend one-third of our lives in our beds. Sleeping is frequently depicted as a peaceful, calm, and quiet activity. In reality, it entails excessive sweating, drooling, and other obnoxious behaviours. According to recent research, 17% of adults eat in their beds. All of this implies that our mattresses can serve as a breeding ground for filth, grime, bacteria, and whatever else may be present.


As a result, the mattress will look dull and soiled which may reduce the mattress’s lifespan as well. Therefore, using a waterproof mattress protector is an ideal solution. A product's lifespan varies from one to the next, and individual items can have a wide range of lifespans. Mattresses have a 7-10 year life expectancy. That's quite a range, and it's only the average.


What Exactly is the Importance of Mattress Hygiene?


The cleanliness of your mattress and overall hygiene has a direct impact on your sleep quality and are a reflection of your sleeping environment. A dirty or contaminated mattress is just as bad as not bathing or wearing new clothes.


It's a piece of personal care that has a direct impact on your sleep and overall health. Moisture, body odours, mites, dust, and other factors serve as a silver platter for your health risks. From respiratory to physical (skin and allergy) to mental illnesses, your mattress should be the safest place for you, not diseases or external agents.


Mattress Protectors Offers Several Benefits


Here are some of the benefits of using a mattress protector to protect your mattress from various damages. They are listed below. Have a look at them!




As previously stated, there are several reasons and mechanisms by which our mattresses become filthy. So we can see why we need to clean the mattress. You should use a mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and long-lasting, whether it's due to sweat, food spills, dirt, or something else. A mattress protector will help you keep your mattress clean and free of dust, dirt, germs, spills, and pets. It will also keep moisture and water away from your mattress.


Ease of Use


Apart from health reasons, you should also keep your mattress clean for comfort. Moisture and water can seep into the mattress and degrade its quality, so keep them out as much as possible. Mattress protectors keep moisture and water out of your mattress while also improving the quality of the foam and making it more comfortable.


Defense from Allergies


Mattress protectors have hypoallergenic features as well. They keep allergens off the mattress and are suitable for people of all skin types. Some people have sensitive skin and suffer from skin problems, allergies, and rashes. However, if you use a protector, you will be immune to all of these problems.


Improves Mattress Hygiene


While the majority of people keep their bedding tidy, they frequently overlook the importance of mattress hygiene. Mattresses are one of the most used items in the home, with the average person spending nearly 10 hours per day in bed. Unfortunately, this also means that there are other microbes in your bed. For example, an unprotected mattress could be home to:


§  Dead skin cells

§  Bacteria like E. Cole

§  Bed bugs and dust mites

§  Various types of fungi

§  Silverfish and fleas

§  Pollutants in the atmosphere

§  Sweat and fluid buildup

§  Food stains and spills

§  Pet hair and feces


By using a mattress protector, you can keep such pathogens from growing on your mattress.

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