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Wi-Fi Extender Not Working

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A Wi-Fi extender acts as an intermediate or bridge between your Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi devices that are outside the Wi-Fi router's signal range. A Wi-Fi Extender connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and acts as a wireless access point for Wi-Fi devices.

Reason for Wi-Fi extender not working

·       The structure of the building may affect the signal from the Wi-Fi router.

·       Invalid wireless settings.

·       Connection failed due to distance issue.

·       High traffic devices sharing the same network.

·       External interrupt.

·       Firmware configuration mismatch.

·       Forgot the router name or SSID.

·       forgot the WiFi password.


What to do if your WiFi extender is not working

If your Wi-Fi extender is not working with your Wi-Fi router, you need to reset the extender. The location of the reset button on the repeater may vary by brand. A reset button appears on the back of the extender, press it with a needle for 10 seconds. This will reset all current settings and allow you to change the expander to your liking.

Use other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. to see if other similar networks are available in your area. To change the settings of your extender and router, you need to check the IP address of your Wi-Fi router. Reboot your router and repeater and try scanning again. Change passwords and logins for routers and repeaters, and record this information for further connections.


What can replace a Wi-Fi extender?

The Long Range Wi-Fi Router is specially designed as a Wi-Fi extender to cover a large area and provide users with a strong and reliable connection.


Advantages of long-distance Wi-Fi  Routers:

·       Effectively cover a large area at once without low signal problems.

·       Helps to use multiple devices together after allocating the same range.

·       Allows you to assign an assigned frequency to improve signal quality.

·       It is available at an affordable price for users.

·       Google Help is also available on some routers.



The information above will help you buy the best long-distance router and ditch your Wi-Fi extender for a better connection. Share these glasses with your friends, family, relatives and others. We look forward to your useful suggestions for further updates on these technical issues.

Wifi Extender Hub
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