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6 Cold Email Strategies With High Response Rates

6 Cold Email Strategies With High Response Rates

Since the evolution of email, digital marketers have preferred to interact with their prospects via email. However, to ace in this competitive market, you cannot just write paragraphs in your email content and hit the 'send' button to get great conversion rates. 

Today cold email is seen as a strategic tool to engage the customers in the right way. Cold emails seem more like an informal conversation with the prospects than traditional emails. 

You can send tailor-made cold emails to the audiences and get the know-how to grab the desired engagement rates.

If you are wondering about cold email strategies, this guide is meant for you. This guide will let you know the six cold email strategies with high response rates.

Before jumping on the strategies, I want to share a great tip: When you are sending cold emails to large numbers, it is essential to verify your email list with bulk email verifiers to get the highest open-rates.

Bulk Email verification ensures your email list is clean and thoroughly valid, which helps reduce bounce-back also ultimately saving your time and money.

Cold Email Strategies:

Splashy introduction 

It is crucial to build a rapport with the audience, and there is no better way than to give a splashy introduction of yourself. 

Giving your introduction is the initial stage of getting a higher response rate. Remember that cold email is about writing a short, simple, and straight message and not long tales. 

Make sure your introduction should not cover half of your email content. Instead, you should present your bio in the first two lines.  

Keep the introduction conversational and relevant. Tell your prospect why you are contacting them and what you do. Your introduction should be written in such a way that it should click the prospect instantly to open the email. 

Curated and personalized content

Content is the main ingredient without which cold email looks like a dead sea. Curated and personalized content has the potential to grab the audience's attention. 

Cold email personalization gives you better open rates and high response rates. Make the conversation between the prospect and the seller more informal with the touch of personalization. 

Your cold email should not sound generic to make a breakthrough impression in the audience's inbox. For instance, while you write a cold email, you can start with "Hi (name)" instead of just "Hi."  

The more personalized email, the more is the response rate. Make sure your email does not sound like an ordinary one. Or else you might end up getting into the spam trap. 

Catchy subject line 

A subject line is the intent of your cold email. It tells the prospect what your email is about. So, when you create a subject line, make sure you include the central message of your cold email. 

You can also personalize the subject line. It will grab the reader's interest to open the email. Thus, generating more open rates. 

The subject line should follow the three C's: creative, compelling, and curated.  The best way to find an effective subject line is by performing A/B testing. Write different subject lines and analyze how the prospects engage. 

Provide clear information in your subject line because the subject line is also an important tool that grabs good response rates. 

Avoid spammy words 

Spam words are email marketers' worst nightmare. Remember, cold email promotes business and services to someone you do not have existing relationships with. 

A spam trap does not let your email land in the prospect's or subscriber's inbox. However, no magic formula can ensure your email won't get into spam traps. 

You can timely clean your email lists, solve technical issues constantly, and follow a good schedule for sending emails to your prospects.

The consequences of spammy words aren't very sober. First, the spam trap reduces your email deliverability rate, eventually decreasing your ranking on search engine result pages or SERPs. 

Talk more about the benefits

The primary strategy of your cold email content should be on how the prospects would benefit from using the products. In addition, you should mention specific features of the product to the recipient. 

For instance, you can tell your prospects how the product can save money, increase profits, save time, and make their lives easy. 

You can provide proofs that will become easy for the recipients when they make their final purchasing decision. 

  1. Always have call-to-action

Email is fundamental when it comes to B2B marketing. So you need to set such a call-to-action that will intrigue people to open the email and become active recipients. 

Your CTA should drive the interest of your prospect. If your call-to-action is attractive enough, the recipient clicks on it and takes the desired action.

Final words 

It's the end of the tunnel. However, cold email isn't as cold as it seems. Marketers widely prefer it to have a one-to-one conversation with the prospects. 

You can ace cold email and get high response rates with curated and well-defined content. Add catchy CTA, perfect subject line, and a touch of personalization, and there you go!!!

You need to table all the detailed information in the most precise way when sending a cold email to the audience. I hope this guide will turn your response rates 3X faster. 

Last but not least, you should keep two things in mind while you create a cold email: persistence and personalization.

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