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5 Tips to Reduce your power bill by investing in solar power

5 Tips to Reduce your power bill by investing in solar power

If you are a home user in Kerala, you might not be a big fan of your power bill that robs your pocket every month. The irony is, for every other commercial service, the rate goes down as we use more. Look at our mobile bills, as we consume more, the providers are willing to give adjustments to the rates they charge per unit. Sadly, for electricity, there is no such relief available. The more we use, we are branded as energy terrorists and the rate per unit goes up. 

This is quite understandable when we relate it to the power availability and the subsidies involved. But we are also relying on a power distribution system that has close to 30 % transmission loss. 

One of the best workarounds for this is to take matters into our own hands and invest in green energy. As a home user, our options are very limited. We cannot rely independently on diesel generators or other kinds of industry-standard power generation equipment.

Why invest in a solar power system?

Because it is free as long as the sun rises in the East. And it is possible to get back the investment in a few years. 

It is relatively safe if we do things correctly. And free energy is only going to help the country meet its ever-growing power requirement. 

We will forget about things like load shedding, power cuts, etc. We are in control when it comes to our energy needs. 

What about the maintenance costs?

Unlike other power systems, the maintenance needs for a solar power unit are almost negligible. They need some attention a few times a year. But that is never going to cost you a fortune. 

How much power can we generate using a solar power system?

A 1 KW solar plant can generate around 5 units of electricity per day if we get 5 hours of sunlight. Such a system will need around 13 -15 panels and close to 500 square feet per KW. 

If the requirements are high, we can always scale the system so that we can easily adjust the power output. The only deciding factor will be the availability of space.

How long will it take to get the investment back?

The general assumption is that we will be able to get our investment back in around 5 years after investing in the system. There is also the peace of mind we enjoy when we are in control of the power supply for our premises. 

The factors influencing the Return of Investment ( RoI ) are mainly the monthly electricity bill, cost of PV panels, installation charges, permit-related charges, etc.

Payback Period = Total System Cost ÷ Cost of Electricity ÷ Annual Electricity Usage

Is it possible to sell the surplus to KSEB?

Yes, that is one great advantage when we invest in the solar system at home. We are actually contributing to the power needs of the country while earning from it. And depends on the number of panels that you are installing. Once you contact a solar installation team they will calculate the requirements and estimate. With their help, you can easily find out this.

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