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Maintain Your Realty Fresno Air Quality With Air Conditioning Reparation

Brandon Clark
Maintain Your Realty Fresno Air Quality With Air Conditioning Reparation

To get the best central air conditioning result and last as long as possible, a proper maintenance throughout the system, filter and heating is a must. Realty Fresno owners probably recognize that keeping their heating and air conditioning units will deliver them a good air quality and circulation to the unit. 

Hence, we tend to take our air conditioning for granted, and wonder how we ever can live without it, but sadly we rarely check the system or make reparation until it begins to degrade the air quality. Proper care of your air conditioning system like scheduled cleaning will eventually sort the problem for the long term.

Recently Linda Peltz, Fresno realtor held a brief discussion about air condition with Gary DeBona, as air conditioning contractor for Air Master Comfort System in Coursegold, CA. They uncovering the guidebook about heating and air conditioning, aswell the best practice for every Realty Fresno.

Hit their live discussion in video below to learn more!

Air Conditioning Advice for Realty Fresno

The first thing a fresno realtor and homeowner must do is maintain their A/C filters condition. Depending on the filters that the homeowner uses in realty Fresno, it should be changed every 30 to 90 days. If owner uses a 30 day filter, they need to prepare reparation every month, and if they are using a 90 day filter, a check between 90 days is enough to ensure the filter is in good condition. 

Gary also recommends that homeowners should assess the temperature of their air conditioner. Consider taking the temperature of the air entering the unit through the return where the filter is located, as well as the temperature of the air leaving the house through the grills.

When it comes to air conditioning, the evaporator coil often gets nasty as the filters aren't changed on a regular basis, and the outside coil also needs to be cleaned, so owner and fresno realtor must ensure that all dust and dirt is removed from it.

Gary was kind enough to give his advice about the evaporator coil; he frequently used water to flush out the coil and avoid damaging the aluminum on the fins. Furthermore, he stated that he discovered that commercial chemical cleaning solutions brighten the aluminum, but they also degrade it. As a result, after several years of use, the fens may deteriorate. So the best practice is just use water and flush it out until it runs clear. 

What Does Air Master Comfort System Offers?

There are many things the homeowner must do to keep their Air Conditioning in good condition, rather from cleaning and keeping the outdoor condenser free from debris and plant foliage. That is where Air Master Comfort System became handy, the company listen to these realty Fresno requests and provide service in quality heating, air conditioning repairs, filter service, installations for both residential and commercial. 

Other than that, Gary also offer different service based on Fresno multiple listing service condition. Linda was assured by Gary's explanation, she asked if that was something where his company may be offer for Fresno real estate market, a maintenance schedule where Gary would come out and do the houses at a certain time? 

Gary quoted back “Yeah, I recommend at least twice a year, once for the heating season and once for the cooling season. I have a checklist that I go through for both Seasons 1, 1 for heating and one for cooling and I go through the checklist and make sure everything's done and everything is working properly”

Learn more about how you could improve your home with heating and Air conditioning with Fresno realtor and air conditioning contractor in contact details below.

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Brandon Clark
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