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The Digital Marketing Survival Guide

The Digital Marketing Survival Guide

The pandemic has forced businesses to improve their presence online. And digital marketing as a marketing strategy has enabled brands and companies to stay connected, albeit virtually, to their audiences. While we know that digital marketing has been around for a long time, the pandemic has only increased its relevance and importance. Small, local businesses are realizing how crucial a tool digital marketing can be.

And the pulse of this notion has become very common. There's an unprecedented increase in professionals and entrepreneurs opting for a digital marketing course online to help their businesses grow.

What is the Meaning of Digital Marketing?

Although the significance of digital marketing is constantly growing, we must understand that it isn’t something out of the ordinary. As a marketing concept, it is simply “marketing” first, that has adapted to the changing landscape and is now reaching its target audience virtually.

A professional Guide to Digital Marketing Survival

For small businesses or local companies, it may not be possible or viable to dip their hands into all aspects of digital marketing. For such reasons, we have developed this guide to highlight few important facets of digital marketing that need focus to enjoy a successful online presence.

1. Content Marketing

It all boils down to content. Content is a projection of a company’s values, beliefs, and intentions. Content is what attracts customers across the digital landscape to a particular brand. Diversification among various content formats is recommended but make sure you research what content fits well with each format. The following content formats are major indicators of digital success:


This long content format is a useful tool for SEO since you can provide information based on keywords that make your content relevant.


It is the most popular form of content online, and you’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t have a strategy that involves video content creation. In just a month alone, users spend billions of hours on a platform such as YouTube!


A newer format of content, podcasts are great for sharing information with the audience about your business through audio. Podcasts as a popular marketing concept are slowly but surely finding their place in digital strategies all over.

Live Streams

Another splendid way of interacting with your audience, webinars or live streams allow brands to impart information, clear doubts, and also create invaluable bonds.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All the content in the world is useless if it doesn’t appear on the first page of Google, frankly speaking. Ranking well on search engines affects your web traffic and overall popularity.

And in recent versions of Google’s algorithm, it has become increasingly important to pay attention to local SEO (have an optimised Google My Business page). Furthermore, websites with content that keeps the customer in mind are rewarded. Optimising your website for mobile is also a must, owing to the increasing number of mobile users. SEO is a vast field, but with patience and experience companies or individuals can become experts. Online certifications for professionals are available – a new type of online learning that has become popular during the pandemic.

3. Social Media Marketing

To be successful, an organisation needs to be where its customers are. Social Media is a hotspot for users looking for relatable content or opportunities to connect with a brand. A mix of organic content and paid advertising on social media makes for a sound marketing strategy.

4. Email Marketing

Perhaps the most underrated pillar of a successful marketing strategy, email marketing is a brilliant way of keeping in touch with subscribers without spending any advertising money. Various researches have shown time and again that email marketing has a tremendous return on investment.

Newsletters are a novel way of delivering content through email, which results in increased website traffic. There are some great email marketing courses available online which can help you understand it better.

A clear marketing concept is paramount in creating a marketing strategy. And when it comes to digital marketing, several factors must be considered before implementation. In this age, various types of online learning have emerged that enable one to get acquainted with the true meaning of digital marketing. There are quite a few certifications for professionals available; there are resources that provide you with free digital marketing courses as well.

If one keeps these pointers in mind, half the battle is already won. A strong focus on doing the basics right and measuring your progress regularly - these are ingredients for a recipe in digital marketing success. All the best on your journey!  

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