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8 Sustainable Home Ideas Anyone Can Afford

8 Sustainable Home Ideas Anyone Can Afford

In modern times, building a traditional house is a significant investment and a challenge to live in as everything is going up due to prices. Luckily, sustainable home ideas are out there in the market thanks to multiple innovative building techniques. They don’t only focus on sustainability but on your budget too. Many of them are more affordable than other conventional homes. 

Here is a list of 8 sustainable home ideas anyone can afford. 


There are thousands and thousands of shipping containers unused worldwide, and utilizing them in creating a home is extremely useful to the environment. The best part about shipping container homes is that they are pretty on budget based on your design choice, of course. You won’t be limited to simple home design or standard single storey and can design it in different modern ways. 

Shipping container homes are rapid to build, which can be performed off-site or on-site. The only issue you may encounter is searching for an expert in the field as there are not many professionals who have expertise in designing and building such homes. 


Manufactured homes are constructed under a factory that speeds up the construction process. Please keep in mind that manufactured dwellings are on wheels that are removable at their destination. Thus, they are not modular homes. 

Manufactured homes are a modern version of mobile homes and trailers. They have much cheaper home floor designs. These homes are themselves a lot more affordable than traditional homes. Manufactured homes are made as per specific standards, and thus there have high-quality and eco-friendly. 


The ways to build an Earth Bag are pretty cheap. In these, local soil is used to fill up rice or feed bags where after they are filled up like bricks to form a house. The materials used to build such places are renewable, while the house itself has a very high potential to be energy efficient based on the style and shape of the home. 


These homes are constructed using hay bales which are readily available and economical to purchase. You can also add a solid outing for the house. This will eliminate that typical two storey home designs. Strawbale homes are very energy efficient because the straw serves as insulation irrespective of its situation. 


COB homes are built using clay-like lumps of soil, sand, and straw. These houses are not made using bricks and blocks. A sculpted method replaces the brick method via forming walls with the damp cob mixture. Homes constructed with cob usually have sloped walls, arches and wall niches. Such homes are solid and durable, and they can be your very own DIP project. 


Geodesic domes are a hemispherical thin-shell structure used to create Geodesic Dome homes. Such homes are high on energy efficiency and can lift heavy loads. Such homes are not very expensive in manufacturing, but you can go and buy a Geodesic Dome kit to build your tiny house. 


Thousands and thousands of wooden pallets are used to transport goods that end up in landfills every year. By using this wood, we are according to the nature and environment. The construction of a pallet house is straightforward and expensive to build. For every 23 square meters, about 100 recycled pallets are needed. Pallets are very flexible and adaptable to many climates, and local materials can be utilized in building such homes. 


An intelligent way to make great use of all the plastic bottle waste is to turn them into a house. Bottle homes are very low-priced to build because a significant part of the overall structure of the house gets made with plastic or glass bottles that you can collect for free. This idea might not be for everyone, but it is unique.


Most of these homes mentioned can be prefabricated, meaning they can be partially constructed in the factory, which keeps the costs and the environmental impact low. Using local renewable and recycled materials can be built at a low price. 

Stonewood provides all sorts of house solutions. Keep in mind, the bigger your home, the more expensive and the higher the impact on the environment, so if possible, keep it trendy by going tiny! For any such queries, please drop a mail. 

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