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7 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Joseph Franks
7 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you need the guidance and assistance of a legal professional to redeem yourself. No matter how trivial or serious the crime, it will go to your permanent criminal record, following a conviction. It is unwise to become your own advocate in a criminal trial, as the prosecutor will easily defeat you with knowledge and experience. Guilty or not, you need a qualified and licensed attorney to defend you. Criminal Law Attorney in Southaven, MS, enlists the top seven reasons to hire a defense attorney:

1. Criminal Law is complicated

Criminal law can be increasingly difficult to understand for someone who never went to law school. Criminal statutes may vary from state to state, so you may not realize the repercussions of your actions. It is hard to determine what defenses can be used in your case and what you are supposed to do following an arrest.

2. You are running out of time

You don’t have much time once charges have been imposed and a court date has been issued. You need to act fast if you hope to beat the charges and avoid a criminal record. You might think that hiring a legal representative would be expensive, but wasting time will definitely cost you more and probably result in a harsh sentence.

3. You can’t risk your future

A criminal record will affect various aspects of your life, putting your future into jeopardy. One wrong statement or action is often enough for the prosecution to incriminate you, thus you cannot afford any mistakes. A competent defense attorney will be able to steer you in the right direction from the start and succeed in protecting your future.

4. You are struggling to arrange for bail

Bails can be outrageously expensive and difficult to attain. If you cannot afford bail or do not know anyone who could possibly back you up, you might have to stay in jail till the case is over. Criminal defense attorneys have connections in the judicial industry, so they can easily arrange for a Bail bondsman to get you out.

5. Your rights may have been violated

Every alleged offender has constitutional rights and is officially innocent until proven guilty. If a cop or someone belonging to law enforcement violates your legal rights, this could be used as grounds for dismissal of the charges. For example, if a person was arrested without informing them of their Miranda Rights, the charges would be deemed invalid. Similarly, if evidence was collected in an illegal manner (such as a search conducted without reasonable cause or warrant), it can be suppressed and made unusable in court.

6. You don’t know your legal options

If you have been arrested or face criminal charges for the first time, you are supposedly clueless about the best course of action. Your nerves might coerce you into making an unfavorable decision. For example, many individuals arrested for their first DUI panic and plead guilty; they do not realize that there are several options to beat or reduce the charges.

7. You need to gather evidence

Every alleged criminal is required to showcase evidence, which can prove that they did not commit the said crime. Sometimes, it is impossible to collect evidence without the right resources and connections in high places. Criminal law firms are equipped with all kinds of means to procure information that would strengthen your case. 

Joseph Franks
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