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Portable Ultrasound Physiotherapy Machine -US111 | Ultrasound Massager

Portable Ultrasound Physiotherapy Machine -US111 | Ultrasound Massager

At some point in life, we all face issues related to body or muscle pain and at that time, we mostly visit a physiotherapist or wait for the pain to reduce naturally. But what if the pain needs more time to ease and what if you do not want to visit the physiotherapist on a regular basis? What if we tell you that we are here to solve your problem? Yes! We can help you reduce your pain with just one Ultrasound physiotherapy Machine – US111.

US111 is a portable Ultrasound physiotherapy machine that can help you get done with your physiotherapy treatment from the comfort of your home.

This therapeutic ultrasound equipment is used by physiotherapists to treat chronic body pain. As the name says, therapeutic Ultrasound equipment is the device that uses ultrasound/ultrasonic measures to perform physiotherapies. We, at Ultra Care Pro, use this technology with proper quality standards to manufacture the finest of ultrasound therapy machines.


These ultrasound products are highly praised in domestic as well as global markets, encouraging us to maintain and also increase our quality measures.


There are different frequency sound waves that are applied to the machines to make them work differently for different users. These frequencies lie between the range of 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz. These sound waves are caused by the vibration of the crystals within the head of the device, which in turn, penetrates into the skin up to 4 cm deep into muscles and body tissues.


When the treatment is given to you, the affected area comes across deep heating as this helps in reducing pain and giving back your muscles lost mobility.


What happens to your body after taking this ultrasound therapy?


The symptoms vary from person to person. Some people may face slight warmth on the skin while some people may experience a tingling sensation. If you have sensitive skin, you might sense slight discomfort as you have the treatment done. Some people may face no effects also. In short, ultrasound therapy can never be painful and exhausting.


How does the treatment work at home?

·        Select a small area on your skin to start the treatment.

·        Apply the gel on your skin so that the sound waves can easily penetrate through the skin.

·        Then, you will have to move the machine head slowly in that area to allow the treatment to work.

·        Therapeutic ultrasound is the most widely used and recommended physiotherapy treatment to cure muscle pain, in the world.

·        The treatment usually takes 2-6 treatment sessions to cure the pain.

Features of Ultrasound Physiotherapy Machine

·        Moveable

·        Light-weight

·        8 Levels of Intensity

·        Smart timer

·        Digital display for effortless operation

·        Focused ultrasound

·        Easy to carry

·        CE approved

·        Advanced protection circuit for safe therapy

Benefits of Ultrasound Physiotherapy Machine

·        This ultrasound therapy cures

·        Common pain

·        Muscle pain and

·        Some chronic medical conditions like:

·        Knee pain

·        Elbow pain

·        Neck pain

·        Back pain

·        Ankle pain

·        Shoulder pain

·        Arm pain

·        Osteoarthritis

·        Surgery traumas and post injuries

·        Muscle sprains

·        Muscle strains

·        Muscle tears

·        Muscle spasms

·        Muscle aches

·        Post-workout stiffness and soreness.

How safe it is to Use Ultrasound Therapy Machine at Home?

The US FDA considers ultrasonic therapy as safe to use, even at home. But there are some conditions that you need to take care of for a better experience and to avoid any mishap.

They are:

1.   The head of an ultrasound device should be constantly moved or else it may burn the tissues in the skin.

2.   Ultrasound therapy should not be used on the following body parts:

·        Over the abdomen or lower back in pregnant women

·        Exactly on broken skin or healing fractures

·        On eyes, breasts, or sexual organs

·        In areas with metal implants or people with pacemakers

·        Over or near areas with malignant tumors

Our product, US111 is the best choice if you are considering investing in a therapeutic ultrasound machine that you can use at home. When you opt for a portable physiotherapy machine to use at home, you gift yourself a deal that says ‘buy once, use anytime, anywhere. This ultrasonic machine is portable, non-invasive, safe, and 100% natural. You can completely rely on this ultrasonic physiotherapy machine price to use at home.

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