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Got A Stump? Why Should You Get Rid Of That Old Tree Stump?

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Got A Stump? Why Should You Get Rid Of That Old Tree Stump?

It's easy to forget about a tree stump after cutting down, which can lead to injuries from trips and falls. If a visitor trips over the stump and is wounded, the expense of liability may be greater than the cost of just removing the stump. There's also the possibility that you don't have the necessary tools for the job. This is why hiring a professional Tree Removal In Adelaide service is the safest and most cost-effective option.


There Are Very Compelling Reasons To Keep The Elimination Going.

Curb Appeal.

Tree stumps are unsightly. Whether you're planning to sell your home or dislike the appearance of the stump in your front yard, you should consider removing it to protect your investment. Its removal from your yard eliminates an eyesore for both you and your neighbors.

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Property value.

Some people believe that tree stumps are unsightly and can reduce the value of your property. Please think about it. Want to buy a house with a garden full of well-maintained trees? Or is there only a stump left? 


Not only is there a risk of tripping over the stump and getting injured, but the stump can be a burden if a neighbour or someone else has an accident. Stumps can also damage lawn equipment if they interfere with mowing. 


Even though a tree root may not be as strong, it would be greatly beneficial not to mow around the ugly old stump removal can do that! 


For obvious reasons, tree stumps occupy space in your garden. If you plan to plant a new tree, build a garden, add a pool, or build a playground, tree stumps can hinder your plan. In addition, roots (which also apply to living trees) continue to grow and affect other infrastructures such as pipes, sidewalks and driveways. 

Infestations and Disease.

While it's true that live trees can also be vulnerable to infestations and disease, making them invisible to the naked eye. Tree stumps attract insects and other vermin and could harbour diseases that can spread to different tree life. If the tree was diseased when it died, the stump still harbours that disease and can spread it to nearby trees. This is especially likely if the nearby trees are the same species as the one cut down. 

New Growth.

You leave its root system completely intact when you cut down a tree. The root system of a tree normally reaches as far as the tree's limbs did while it was standing, if not further. These roots stop growing after the tree has fallen, but they do not die immediately. After a healthy tree falls, the roots eat the nutrients provided by the stump for several years.

A damaged tree might be a safety threat when pruned, and its removal can be exceedingly risky. Even the tree is cut down, and the stump remains an eyesore. Remember that hiring a Stump Removal in Adelaide service rather than doing it yourself is the key to a safe and successful tree stump removal.

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