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Reasons Why Andaman is A Perfect Holiday Destination

Reasons Why Andaman is A Perfect Holiday Destination

Traveling amidst the tender ocean breeze undoubtedly brings an end to your everyday chaos and stress! Palm-laden beaches with soft white sands and turquoise sparkling waters look like a perfect place for rejuvenation. The Andaman group of islands offers a tropical oasis with magnificent mangrove forests and amazing biodiversity. These islands of Andaman, not only offer some of the most scenic beaches, but a varied range of options in terms of marine activities to fully de-stress yourself.

Whether you are looking to have some time in peace surrounded by a serene landscape or looking for some happening nightlife with the hustle-bustle of tourist places, the Andaman tour has got everything covered. It can be a perfect family vacation, a dreamy honeymoon vacation, or just a backpacker trip. Andaman is a one-stop destination that offers something for all kinds of travelers. Witness the surreal aquatic creatures and true natural beauty at the Magical Andaman and find out the answer to why Andaman is famous for travel.

The Beaches

There are hundreds of beautiful palm-fringed beaches where you can swim, walk, relax, or enjoy warm tropical turquoise water. There are 572 islands in Andamans and all have so many beautiful beaches. However, only a few are visited by tourists in large numbers. Some of the best beaches that can be explored in Andamans are Radhanagar beach on Havelock Island. It is voted as the top beach in Asia. Another one is Beach No. 5 on Havelock Island, Elephant Beach, Lalaji Bay on Long Island and the nearby beach is Merk Bay on North Passage Island, then Butler Bay on Little Andaman, Wandoor, Ross Island, Wandoor, Chidiya Tapu, and Smith Islands, and more.



Your Andaman Trip is complete without trying snorkeling. Snorkeling can be enjoyed at many beaches in Andaman but the Elephant Beach is quite famous for it. You can head towards Elephant Beach which is about 2 km away from the very popular Radhanagar Beach in Havelock. You can head to the Havelock Island Jetty and take a boat to reach or you can trek amidst dense forest to reach the beach. Not only snorkeling, but this beach is also very popular for other marine adventure activities. In snorkeling, you won’t need to carry several gears to experience the magnificent underwater marine life. Enjoy the gleaming turquoise water with stunning g marine life and colorful coral reefs. You just need to put snorkeling and explore over the water. Summertime is the best time to experience various wonderful marine life. During the monsoon it is inaccessible.

Mouth-watering Cuisines

Whether it is Port Blair, Havelock Island, Neil Island, or any other Island of Andaman, you can’t miss out on the appetizing seafood. A plethora of options in terms of restaurants that serve delicacies prepared with freshly caught fishes, prawns, crabs, lobsters, etc. The Andaman’s Traditional Fish Curry would make you fall in love with it. You must enjoy this delicious delicacy at New Lighthouse Restaurant in Port Blair.

Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail is one of the main reasons to visit Andamans. It is the main attraction and the most-visited monument here. This was the Jail where prisoners were sent beyond the black water which was known as Kala Pani. It houses a hospital now but once you set your foot, you will get goosebumps as you will hear the real stories of this place from the old guide. In the evening, you experience the light and sound show that will make you revisit history.

Scuba Diving

Havelock Island is the most-visited island in the Andaman. It is also known as the Swaraj Dweep. It has one of the world’s top-rated beaches in Asia, Radhanagar Beach. Here, you can enjoy various underwater activities even if you are not a swimmer. As a major scuba diving hub, Havelock offers professional and certified gear. You will get training for about 10 to 15 minutes before the final dive in the water. There are so many amazing scuba diving spots you can have on this island. For first-timers, the Aquarium will be the best choice. Dive under the crystal clear waters and explore its colorful marine habitat of corals, shoals of butterflyfish, and more.

Not only in the daytime, but you can also experience the magical charm at the night. The Lighthouse Point is the only spot around the island that lets you try this with a depth ranging from 6 to 20 meters. You will be mesmerized to see colorful corals, Lionfish, schools of Humpback Parrotfish, and various sea animals.


In Andamans, you can escape the hustle-bustle of modern life and relax in the peaceful environment surrounded by scenic landscapes. There are so many beautiful beaches on different islands that offer tranquility without any disturbances where you can have complete relaxation. The peace and serenity that you will experience in the Andaman Islands are unmatched. These experiences are included on our list of reasons why Andaman is famous for travel.

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Rich History

Another reason to visit Andaman is its relevance to Indian history. The history of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is wrapped in mystery. It is to be believed that the name Andaman is derived from Hanuman, the Hindu God who visited here on his way to Sri Lanka from India. Here are no religious boundaries. The main languages used here are Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali.

Apart from that, Andamans are home to many indigenous tribal peoples, some of whom appear to have Negrito ethnic roots, others with Malay characteristics. They are known as Jarawa Tribes who live self-sufficiently on their ancestral lands. All are highly protected, and the tourists are not allowed to contact them.

How to Reach Andaman

The Andamans can be reached by flight or by ship. The ship sails from Chennai, Kolkata, or Vishakapatnam to harbors at Port Blair. It took 4 to 5 days of sailing. If you don’t have much time, then the flight will be the best option for you. You will get to see a spectacular island view from the top before landing at the Port Blair Veer Savarkar International airport from any major city in India. To explore various locations and islands within the Andaman, ferries are the options to travel or by local transport if possible.

These reasons are enough to explain why Andaman is famous for travel. So, plan a trip to Andaman and sail or fly there to have the experience of a lifetime with the most memorable wonderful memories We hope you will have an amazing trip to the most beautiful Andaman and the Nicobar Islands!

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