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How to choose the best body lotion?

How to choose the best body lotion?

                                     Body lotion


Lotions are topical preparations applied to the skin with bare hands or cotton wool, with intent to moisture and treat the skin. Most body lotions are meant to simply keep the skin soft, smooth and healthy but they can also have anti-aging properties and contain fragrances.

Body lotions are designed to stop moisture leaving your skin or absorb water from elsewhere to keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated .Body lotions and moisturizers tend to fall into categories depending on your skin type and the ingredient you may need for perfect nourishment.

Body lotions are less viscous than creams, as they contain larger water .This gives them a thinner consistency, making it easier for them to be spread over a large area. They normally come in a bottle and are light and easily absorbed by the skin. [tabletshablet.com]

Benefits of Body Lotions:-

It is hydrating dry skin

It heals rough spots ,especially calluses 

It feels smells good.

It gets a glow skin

Replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin.

It helps you relax.

It clears your skin  dark spots

It softens the roughest parts of your body.

It improves skin elasticity 

It is optimizing absorption of skin nutrients

Body Lotions for winter 

1] Vaseline: - The non - greasy Vaseline intensive care lotions penetrate through the outermost layer of your skin and effectively counters dryness caused by dry winter . This lotion contains deep glycerin and Vaseline jelly, which restores and locks in moisture in the skin.

The mineral oil in this lotion helps lock moisture into the skin, soften skin, and improves skin barrier function ,effective for winters this creams comes in a temper proof ,neat packaging without and leakages .The Vaseline body lotion should ideally be applied soon as you are out of the shower to keep your skin plump and healthy through the body.  

2] Nivea Body Lotion: - Nivea nourishing body milk is a creamy formulation that is enriched with hydra IQ for providing 24 hours moisturization   to the skin .The natural mineral and moisturizing elements penetrate deeper into the skin and repair skin dryness and effectively moistures extremely dry skin. Now gets that softer and smoother skin even during the winter with this rich body nourishing milk.

Rich caring body milk that is enriched with natural ingredients like almond oil for skincare and that smooth feel. It is 24 hours long –lasting and intensive formula that keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. Works deep within the skin and helps repair dryness by naturally activating moisturization of the skin. Protects from winter harshness and makes skin beautifully soft and smooth. [tabletshablet.com]

Body lotion for dry skin 

The dry skin body lotion moisturizing reduces skin problems it is moisturizing everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful for skin and cause common skin conditions like acne. Conceals other skin blemishes. Using daily moisturizers ensures that the skins blemishes are camouflaged. [tabletshablet.com]

1] Mamaearth Healing Natural Body Lotion: - Mamaearth skin repair body lotion deeply nourishes extremely dry and itchy skin and locks in moisture for up to 24 hours mango and kokum butter penetrate deeply to hydrate and soothe sensitive and extra dry skin. It heals and protects your skin making it soft, supple and nourish all day long. 

2] Nivea Nourishing Body Milk Lotion 200Ml: - The product contains aqua, paraffin oil, coconut oil, Glycerin, Isopropyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate   citrate, cetrearyl alcohol, dimethicone, perfume, sodium carbomer, preservative, serine and Alanine. The nivea nourishing body milk lotion is formula has the goodness of cocoa butter and coconut oil, providing deep nourishment to your skin. 

The unique formula get’s absorbed into the skin quickly, giving dry and dull skin instant relief bonus points to the soothing fragrance. Enriched with natural minerals moisturizers, Nivea body milk works deep within the skin repairing dryness layer by layer and stimulating moisture production naturally.   

Body Lotion for Men 

The best body lotion for men will also provide lasting hydration, no need to reapply  throughout the day they should hold up to a sweaty workout with ease. We have also found some men’s body lotions, with clean or non- irritably ingredients, that will ensures that you do not irritate your skin. [tabletshablet.com]   

1] Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Men Body And Face Lotion With Vitamin E: - It contains pure cocoa butter vitamin E to effectively combat rough, dry skin, thin fast, absorbing moisturizers smoothes skin all over the body and face. The freshness invigorates without over powering. 

Features of Palmer Men Body Lotion:- 

It is fast absorbing, ultra - hydrating body and face lotion.

Palmer body and face lotion for men has cocoa butter and vitamin E provides non-greasy moisture.

Palmer body and face lotion is lightly scented.

It is no parabens or phthalates.


Body Lotion for Women:- 

There is nothing more relaxing than hydrating your body with a generous dose of moisturized after a refreshing shower. Every women enjoys and indulges in this ritual, no matter how busy, because we know that is the secret to soft and supple skin. Choosing the right body lotion essentially depends on your skin types with some consideration to the weather. [tabletshablet.com]

Benefits of Body Lotion for Women:-

It retains moisture and helps your skin glow.

It helps with anti-aging and wrinkles.

It lengthens the time of yourself tanner. 

It softens your skin and soothes rough patches.

It can be used as a nice light scent.

Massaged into the skin it can be quite relaxing 

We have a huge collection of body lotion like: - Vaseline body lotion, Nivea body lotion ,Shea smooth milk, for dry skin and Nivea nourishing lotion body milk with deep moisture serum etc.[tabletshablet.com]

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