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Interior Design rendering - best practices

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Interior Design rendering - best practices

We know that sharing design concepts has never been easier thanks to the interior design rendering. There are thousands of design platforms that ensure high-quality images and rendering that take no more than a few hours, or even minutes, depending on the task. Today we are going to share with you some of the best practices for interior design rendering.

1. Lightening matters

Lightning is one of the most important parts of a good interior design rendering. It brings textures and it gives an unique feeling to the scene. Furthermore, the right light distribution makes the image much more realistic.

So, pay attention to the lights. Do not only include outside lightening as sun from the windows, but also include some directional lights, spotlights, 

2. Good composition

Good composition- maybe the most important part of a good interior design rendering. You can try more than one composition and you can look for ideas online, but the perfect composition is more than important if you want to achieve a good rendering. 

Think twice about the elements and the different perspectives. Make sure you are looking at different eye levels.

3. Add some life

Let’s not forget how important it is to give some life to a project in order to make it look good and realistic. You can add life to interior design rendering by adding some plants, people, or even a car. It is a very good idea and a lot of professionals do that. It does not matter if you are working on a big office building, or a small apartment- some life will never be too much, and it will always bring the good feeling.

4.Textures are important

If you want to make a realistic picture, then you definitely should think about the textures. Maybe you can give the textures depth, or you can put a mirror with a reflection. Holes in some materials are a good idea too. Always pick materials that look realistic, this will lead to great rendering. 

5. Mood boards

As the experts from tallboxdesign advice- a mood board is always a good idea. The first step to the soul of the project is the mood board, since it gives ideas, it gives visibility and last, but not least- style guides.

Making a good interior design rendering is not an easy task- it includes good software, good ideas and a lot of work. Be prepared for spending a lot of time, but don’t give up. With some experience and good software you will be able to make great 3D designs in less than an hour.

Stiva Digital
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