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Factors that Decide a Mobile App’s Success and Failure

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Factors that Decide a Mobile App’s Success and Failure

Mobile applications are all the rage in today's market. There are millions of applications that cater to almost everything you could possibly want to do on your phone. However, not all of them have the same level of success when it comes to attracting and retaining users. You can leverage the services of a leading mobile app development company in UAE to build an application that stands out amongst its competitors. Let us look at some of the factors that are critical to building a good application. 

User experience

A mobile application must provide users with an experience that delivers above and beyond their expectations. It should have a great user interface that is intuitive, engaging, and fluid. Keeping things simple is the ideal approach, as too many images or buttons cluttering the screen can be intimidating and scare off potential users. There are many other things that developers can keep in mind to improve a customer's in-app experience. A good onboarding experience, walking a first-time user through the various features of the app, is a good idea to consider. It helps convert visitors into regular users.

Applications must aim to reduce the effort required from the user to operate them. Providing auto-filling for the date, time, location, or other fields where possible can improve the overall user experience. Mobile applications must also consider sticking to the minimum permissions required to operate properly. Asking for a broad range of unwanted permissions can cause security risks and affect the trustworthiness of the application. Other factors like a long registration process, poor app performance, or a long loading time for application features can put off users. To develop a truly engaging and memorable in-app experience, you can seek the help of a mobile app development company in Dubai. 


Every application must ideally be developed to solve a problem. However, the sad truth is that many applications are simply copies of others. The market is flooded with such applications that may be developed after seeing the resounding success of an original idea. While it might be daunting to create an entirely new concept or idea, every application must strive to offer something new to the users.

Almost all successful applications you can find today have a unique value proposition. Users will only repeatedly return to using an application that they really feel is best suited to serving a particular function. Hence, mobile applications must have a clear and well-defined vision. This will help to maintain focus on the final goal while the application is being developed.

Development process

Companies or individuals trying to solve a problem by developing a mobile application should pay strict attention to the process of development. Following the established practices in software development can help avoid most of the common pitfalls that many projects face. Developers have to decide various factors before developing the app, including whether the system needs a backend, which third-party tools to leverage, and where they will be hosting the application. Another major decision is choosing the platform compatibility of the application. The major platforms in today's market are iOS from Apple and Android from Google. They can also choose between native and cross-platform approaches. 

Testing a product before release is essential to avoid a poor user experience. However, there are always chances of bugs being present even after the software is released. So, rather than waiting to create the perfect product, being agile and iteratively improving the product is the best option. A perfectionist mindset can cause delays in delivering the product and also escalate the costs associated with it. Developing a prototype can help identify and resolve issues early on. A quick Google search on "mobile app development Dubai price" can help you gain insights into the cost of outsourcing the development of an app for your unique idea. Regularly releasing updates and listening to user feedback is essential to staying relevant and retaining customers.


Marketing is essential to the success of any product, and mobile applications are no exception. Even if your product has great potential, it will not be realized until users decide to install and use it. Thus, getting users to notice your application is a key factor in ensuring the long-term viability and monetization of your app. There are many marketing strategies you can adopt, including email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

Market and Audience Research

Researching your target audience can help build an understanding of their persona as well as their likes and dislikes. This can help craft suitable marketing strategies that are more likely to appeal to your target audience. You should also take into consideration their average education and earning potential while planning your monetization strategy. Without conducting proper research, you risk building your application based on your assumptions. This might result in an application with use cases that you think people want but don't need in reality. 

The market has a variety of brands publishing applications for everything from e-commerce to gaming, productivity, and lifestyle. Thus, organizations that wish to venture into a particular domain must perform appropriate research regarding their competition. It must enable them to understand their competitors' strengths and weaknesses. This will also help them to develop a unique value proposition that sets them apart from the rest of the competition. You can also approach various mobile application development companies in Dubai to understand what questions your market and audience research should enable you to answer.


While there are a variety of factors that decide a mobile app's level of success, providing a valuable solution to a problem is key to making an impact. Applications should strive to resonate with their brand values while delivering a personalized user experience. Most successful apps in today's market demonstrate the trademarks of keeping it simple and being good listeners to customers. Proper research and marketing must be done to ensure the visibility of a product to the right crowd. You can search for ‘mobile app development Dubai to find potential partners in Dubai who can guide you in adopting suitable marketing strategies. Following guidelines specified by platforms, along with proper planning and implementation, can help mobile applications reach great heights.

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