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PPC Vs OPC: Which One is an Ideal Choice

Prism Cement
PPC Vs OPC: Which One is an Ideal Choice

PPC Vs OPC: Which One is an Ideal Choice

Cement plays an important role in construction as it is considered the main material used in construction worldwide. Also, the choice of cement is the most important decision in a construction project. The right design mix and the cement type defines the strength and durability of the structure being constructed.

Although there is a variety of cement available in the market, Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) is widely used for construction purposes nowadays.

It's a common debate about which cement is best for construction, let’s figure it out.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC):

OPC is produced by grinding clinker (which is obtained by burning limestone at a higher temperature) with gypsum and is available in 3 grades such as grade 33, grade 43 and grade 53.

These grades signify compressive strength obtained after 28 days of testing.

OPC 33 grade:

This cement is used for low strength work such as general civil construction work under normal environmental conditions.

OPC 43 grade:

OPC 43 grade cement is widely used in pathways, RCC works and plastering.

However, the initial setting and early strength of OPC 43 is lower than OPC 53 grade cement.

OPC 53 grade:

It can be used in buildings, prestressed concreting, and RCC structures.

The major drawback of OPC of any grade is that it is not environment friendly and develops cracks very early which cannot be controlled without following the very strict measures at sites.


Portland Pozzolana Cement, also known as PPC, is an advanced cement over OPC. Pozzolana is a material that has silica in its natural form which can be obtained from fly ash, calcined clay etc. Pozzolanic material increases the strength and durability of the concrete due to its double action-reaction. In India, PPC is produced using mainly fly ash.


PPC, as compared to OPC, gives a double action-reaction which in turn increases the strength and durability by making the concrete denser & gives lower permeability resulting in preventing dampness and leakages in structure. In addition to this, PPC has lower heat of hydration than OPC

which helps in minimizing the crack development in concrete.

The final strength of concrete made with PPC always comes to be higher than OPC for the same grade of concrete.


OPC or PPC which cement is best for construction purposes? Well, PPC is having high-performance quality in concrete and plaster which makes it apt for massive construction such as dams, high buildings, seashores, bridges as well as all normal or general constructions such as houses, commercial buildings, Malls, Market complexes etc.

Want the best cement for construction, go for Products of Prism Cement such as Prism Champion, Prism Champion Plus & Prism Champion Duratech.

Prism Cement is India’s leading Cement Manufacturing company that manufactures PPC and OPC for specialized cement concrete applications.

Prism Cement
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