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How to make big money in currency trading?

George Thomas
How to make big money in currency trading?

The forex market has been popular among traders for a decade now; they buy and sell international currencies frequently in order to earn profits. The currency market called the foreign exchange market is highly volatile and massive, which increases the risks of the trade. To manage the risks, traders have to use various strategies, methods, and plans. 

The market was created with the aim of earning money from the exchange of currencies. The altering prices of the currencies make it prone to opportunities and risks. Here, altering means that the price of one currency rises by the other currency. As the currencies are traded in pairs, one currency is bought, and another is sold in the market to make money. 

It is a 24-hour global market that involves traders from every corner; it could be an investor, institution, corporate firm or speculator. They all trade through online mediums as the market does not have a physical place for trading. They can choose their way of investment, the over-the-counter market, or the interbank system, whichever suits their goals. 

However, the market does not work through exchanges. Traders can invest privately or via brokers using OTC or through banks in the interbank system. 

In addition, the market has types of currencies to invest in; major, minor and exotic. Along with that, traders can even have types of forex markets to invest in. They choose from the three; spot, forward, and futures. 

How to make big money in currency trading?

The forex market is highly liquid, which is the greatest quality investors can make money from. Traders have round-the-clock access to their investments, have ample opportunities, low costs, best forex brokers and trading platforms. All these points make the trade more comfortable and effective. 

The forex market works on certain pointers, which are listed below one by one for readers' understanding: 

Basics of Forex Trading

The forex market is based on currencies that are exchanged for generating money. But this is not the end; traders have to do a lot of hard work to make huge profits. They have to understand the terminologies relating to the market, know the technical and fundamental factors of change, choose the currency pair wisely and prices of the currencies. 

The currencies are of three primary kinds: 

Major currency pair: It is the most traded currency pair with high market worth. They always involve the USD. For example, EUR/USD. 

Minor currency pair: It is the low-value currency pair that is usually traded by professional traders or speculators. These do not involve USD currency. For example, JPY/EUR. 

Exotic currency pairs: They are the currency pairs of developing countries. These include one major and one minor currency—for example, USD/HKD. 

Point in Price (PIP): The PIP is the difference in the valuations of currency pairs. For example, USD/JPY has a rate of 75.00, and its previous price was 74.00, so the PIP will be 1. 

Base and Quote Currency

The essential part of forex trading is the base and the quote currency, which give the value of currency pairs. To recognize the base and quote currency, traders have to first know that the currencies are coded in three letters for easy identification. For instance, USD, INR, JPY, etc. 

So, when these currencies are traded, they are combined into a group of two called the base and the quote currency. The base currency is the upper one and has a high market price, whereas the lower one is the quote currency. Let's take an example, USD/INR; here, the USD is the base currency, and INR is the quote currency. The quote currency is also referred to as counter currency. 

Traders always take the base currency as the reference element with the value of one, and this determines the amount of quote currency a trader would require to buy one unit of the base currency. 

Let's take an illustration, EUR/USD is being traded by an investor, so here the investor is buying the base currency and selling the quote currency. 

Bid and Ask Price

Bid and ask price are another significant part of forex trading. If a trader wants to make big money, they should be clear of these terms. The bid price is the buying value of the base currency, and the asking price is the selling price for the same currency. 

The difference between these two is called spreads which are payable to the broker. Another thing that is involved with this is lots; the trade of currencies is placed in lots. There are three types of lot sizes; Micro, Mini, and Standard. The micro is 1k units, the mini is 10k units, and the standard is 1 lakh units. 

Other Advice:

Once a trader is familiar with all these terminologies, they can trade better because they understand the market. In addition, traders can also keep track of the investment, analyze the market, use trading tools and platforms for research, and study the market. 

Traders can even choose the online forex broker that is supportive and has the best services to make the journey less complicated. For example, PrimeFin is an excellent forex broker with all the listed facilities and services. 

Moreover, they can use the demo account to practice trade, have a record maintained, begin with small investments and use the previous history of trade, have social or copy trading, etc. These all will make the trade more enhanced and help in achieving the target. 


Making money in the forex market is a difficult task; if records are checked, only 5 to 10 percent of investors are able to make huge profits. Nevertheless, one should keep trying. With the above-mentioned points, traders will understand the market, its works, and what will help make profits from the investments. 

Traders can take guidance from online brokers as they have all the required information, news, updates, trading tools and platforms, indicators, etc. They can monitor their trades and make most of the opportunities. However, they should not completely rely on the broker's services and use their brain for a hefty profit. 

George Thomas
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