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Taking Control of Rodent Pests in Your Garden

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Taking Control of Rodent Pests in Your Garden

Mice and rats are frequently the first animals that come to mind when you think about rodents. While mice and rats are obviously common pests that have resulted in numerous calls to pest control agencies, there are a number of other rodents that can be classified as "pests" as well. Rodent pest control issues can arise from moles, voles, and even squirrels.


If left uncontrolled, these troublesome tunneling varmints can swiftly damage a lawn. They can also leave difficult-to-see gaps that can trip you up and cause leg and ankle injuries. Because these pests are active all year, they can do a lot of damage to their burrows and tunnels.

It might be difficult for a homeowner to discover the main runway and mound on their own, so you may need to hire a residential and commercial pest management professional. Their tunnels are about six inches deep and can reach into neighboring yards as well as your own. To get rid of lawn-destroying moles, your rodent pest control professional can use bait or other methods.


A vole, sometimes known as a field mouse or a meadow mouse, is a stocky-looking rodent. They are prolific breeders who are active throughout the year. This means they do not hibernate and must forage for food at all times of the year. They are particularly dangerous for farmers and household gardeners because they can quickly damage a crop or harvest.

Bait may be the answer to a vole infestation, but only a professional pest control specialist should use it. He can assist you in determining the best approach that will not hurt your dogs or children.


Squirrels are possibly the prettiest rodents on the planet. Humans normally treat them well because of their fluffy tails and amusing personality. Most homeowners don't think of them as a pest problem, but they may rapidly become a nuisance if they're in the wrong spot.

To keep squirrels out of your eaves and attic, make sure your attic is sealed with tightly fitting screens. On his next visit, have your rodent exterminator look for any signs of squirrel activity.

Rodent pest control brisbane should be a part of your overall pest management strategy. Talk to your pest control expert that available near you about how to prevent all sorts of rodents out of your house and lawn.

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The Local Guys – Pest Control
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