How RailRestro E-Catering Serve Food in Train at Busiest Railway Stations


Getting Healthy and Hygienic Food on train is always a challenge. It affects the entire vibe and experience of your train journey. In the busiest railway network of India like Howrah junction, Patna junction, etc., food availability does play a crucial role. If the food on the train is unhygienic and tasteless, you will lose interest in the journey. India is a diversified country with distinct food tastes everywhere. In such a country, serving tasty and hygienic food matters.

RailRestro e-catering is on a mission to serve every railway passenger a memorable food in train experience at busiest Railway stations. RailRestro envisions serving such quality food anywhere, anytime as per the wishes of train passengers. E-catering app RailRestro is on to make your train journey an enriching one, always.

Busiest Railway Stations Challenge Your Chances To Have Good Quality Food

It was always a challenge to have quality food in train. If anyone wishes to have their favourite food, they become the source for a laugh right. No one used to believe in such an opportunity of having tasty, hygienic and favourite food while travelling in Indian Railways. But E-catering app RailRestro entered the race and changed how we perceive the train journey and food in the train.

There are train stations, and there are the busiest train stations. Getting hygienic and tasty food in the busiest train stations is always a big task. They are busy for a reason. Passengers don’t even try to halt there for a few minutes. They are always on the run to reach their destinations, to complete their journey. They are in a hurry, so people who served them food earlier also serve in a hurry. It is difficult to get quality, hygienic, and tasty food in such hasty places. Also, you cannot have your favourite food here even if you wish to.

Delhi, Patna, Secunderabad etc., are some of the busiest railway stations in our country. In such places, quality or hygiene or tasty food are never promised. It suits our hurry nature of getting things done rather than the quality. So the busiest railway stations always throw the challenge of having better food in train.

How E-Catering App RailRestro Serves Great Food at Busy Railway Stations?

Busiest railway stations and their haste nature is never an excuse not to have better food. Every passenger deserves the best food in train in every railway station. RailRestro e-catering service understands your urgency and value of time. But we also believe that you need great food of the best quality and hygiene. Food in train app helps you never compromise on your favourite food promising great taste, quality, and hygiene.

E-catering app RailRestro understands that you deserve to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. So, it would be good if you never compromised on availability, quality, hygiene and taste. So keeping this in mind, RailRestro is striving to provide the best food in trains across railway stations of India. Partnering with best restaurants, involving them in providing hygienic, tasty and quality food in a train as you order while travelling in train.

RailRestro collaborates with various top restaurants and food businesses all around the country. Accordingly, you can readily order the best food in the train from the comfort of your seat or berth.

How To Order Food from RailRestro e-catering at Busiest Railway Stations like Patna and Delhi?

RailRestro understands every railway station in its complete sense. The demography, passenger purchasing behaviour and requirements are well valued at RailRestro. This helps the organization to serve every passenger with their favourite food in trains, even in the busiest railway stations like Patna and Delhi.

Patna, Delhi, Secunderabad, Chennai are some of the busiest railway stations around the country. Ironically, they are also wonderful destinations for tasty and famous local food items. So the situation is like, some are not aware of the best local food. And some passengers, even though they are aware, cannot get a promising tasty, hygienic food experience.

Patna is famous for its tasty Litti Chokha. It is a fried ball made out of flour stuffed with Sattu [gram powder]. It is drenched in ghee and is offered with mashed tomatoes, onions and other vegetables as a side dish. With RailRestro, you can order tasty Litti Chokha.

Chicken Biryani and Secunderabad Railway station are synonymous in a way. Juicy meat cooked with saffron-coloured basmati rice, spices and ghee with Dum style cooking. With RailRestro, you can order the best Chicken Dum Biryani and get it delivered to your seat or berth.

Open the RailRestro app or website. Have your train number and PNR number with you. Enter them at their designated places. Order the dish you desire to dine or choose one from the suggestions. Enter your seat or berth number. Just pay and wait for the delicious food to arrive at your seat or berth. RailRestro is a “Make everything about food in train app simple” invention that empowers every train passenger.

RailRestro Food in train app is Changing The Image and Experience of relishing cuisines on Train

E-catering app RailRestro is changing the food in the train landscape. Favourite food, presented in their best form, hygienic, quality and tasty, are the wheels that RailRestro depends on in their journey to be the best food in train app. Gone are the days when food availability in trains worried people.

Hesitation, insecurity, unhygienic and bad taste, etc., are some of the adjectives that train food used to garner in the past. But with RailRestro, the entire picture got reversed. RailRestro app brought value, respect and love to the food in Indian Railways. So this change of perspective and shift of image over food in Indian railways is a superb thing to happen to the entire Indian demography. Every railway passenger can now have a train journey without thinking or hesitating about the food availability in train. Because RailRestro has got you covered.

Have a wonderful train journey. Be sure that lip-smacking food is available to you at just a click away.

Travelling by train? Order from RailRestro and enjoy the journey.

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