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How Can You Order Delicious Non-Veg Food in Train for Thrilling Journey?

How Can You Order Delicious Non-Veg Food in Train for Thrilling Journey?

Food and travel can make up for the best of the times. But getting the best of both worlds (food and travelling) is a matter of luck for many. It is said so because getting high-quality food while travelling is tough. Getting good food without compromising on taste and health while travelling can be possible if you cook your food at home.

There’s no competition for home food. But is it always possible? No right? Sometimes you're in such a state of panic that you don't have time to prepare healthy and delicious treats. So in such cases, it is tough to have good food, especially non-veg food in train until you complete the journey.

During such times, people wait to reach their destination only to be tired and exhausted and waiting to have a good meal finally. But such an event destroys the goodness and memories you wish to create while you are travelling. So how you travel to your destination is as important as reaching the destination, right?

So let's see how you can order your favourite non-veg delights for your journey.

Getting Food in Train Is Tough, but You Have Railrestro Now

Indian Railways adds great value addition and has a fascinating impact on the Indian demographic. Travelling on the train has its muse and comfort irrespective of the time, weather and worry. But getting good food in train became a timeless challenge. On top of that, health, tasty and favourite food availability added to the list of worries.

So, to have a cherishing journey by train, getting food is important. If a trusted comrade brought your favourite food cooked healthily and served fresh, won’t you like it? Well, RailRestro is that comrade for you! RailRestro is your essential best food provider while you are travelling by train. To end all your food nightmares on the train journey and bring you freshly cooked, healthy and tasty food, RailRestro took a pledge and there is no looking back.

Best Food Delivery in Train From RailRestro

RailRestro is a food delivery in train service envisioned to craft the best train journey experience in India by serving favourite food. It has a great professional and committed team who march every day to make the best food delivery in train service for Indian train passengers.

Serving across hundreds of railway stations and counting across the Indian subcontinent, RailRestro is the care-of address for the best railways food experience. If you are going on train, you need not worry about the food. It promises a tasty, hearty meal to be served on-demand within an hour as you order.

RailRestro e-catering is known for hassle-free food delivery in train service. Lakhs of customers have been satisfied daily and are smiling as you read this, thanks to RailRestro. The cherry on the icing is that whether you wish to have vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, anything you want, you can order from RailRestro.

Both veg food lovers and non-veg food lovers love the experience they are getting from RailRestro. High-quality veg and Non-veg food delivery in train is now a tasty reality courtesy - RailRestro.

Can I Order Non-veg Food in Train?

Yes, you can now order non-veg food from RailRestro while you are travelling by Indian Railways. This e-catering provider has a plethora of non-veg delicacies waiting for you to take a scoop as and when you wish to take one. From Tangdi Kebabs to Mutton Dum Biryani, from Hyderabadi Dum Biryani to Gujarati Dokhla, from Chennai Sambar Idli to Kashmiri Pulao, many freshly prepared, health-consciously made, delicious items are waiting for you to dive in and take endless bites.

Not just any food, you can order your favourite non-veg food on the train as you are travelling in Indian Railways. So next time you plan to travel by Indian train, never hesitate about your journey experience. You don't have to be concerned about the food on the train. With the power of RailRestro, you can now get the best non-veg food delivery in train wherever you are travelling, whenever you choose to travel.

Here's how you can order non-vegetarian food from RailRestro and the steps that follow after ordering are:

  1. Download the RailRestro app or go to the RailRestro website.
  2. Create your account, making the process much easier or proceed to the train food app or website without creating one.
  3. Enter your PNR number.
  4. You will see a list of options curated specifically for you based on your PNR number. It shows that you can order from that list of options.
  5. Then, in the filters option, specify your need for non-veg by selecting the Non-veg only option.
  6. Now you will see a wide list of non-veg items shown as per your search.
  7. Choose your favourite food item from that list.
  8. Enter the necessary details like your seat number or berth number, etc., and complete the ordering process accordingly.
  9. Pay the amount online with the wide variety of payment options you got or you can also pay in cash as you receive the order at your seat or berth.
  10. You can also choose contactless delivery while completing the order.
  11. Wait with a little patience as your favourite food is carefully, freshly, and healthily prepared in the best of conditions without compromising on quality.
  12. The order is prepared swiftly so that you can get the delivery of the non-veg food right away to your seat or berth. RailRestro responds swiftly to offer you the best non-veg food in train on-demand, curated specially for you.
  13. Delivery personnel will carefully reach you with your favourite non-veg food on the train as you are on your way to reaching your next destination in your precious life.

That's how RailRestro delivers you the best non-veg food in train for a thrilling train journey. You can order your favourite cuisines online and enjoy eating the mouth-watering dishes during the train journey.

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