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Jack Milton

Stump Grinding Luton 

We specialise in stump grinding and removal in Luton. At Cambia, we own and operate a selection of different machines to aid the removal of your stumps and roots.

Stump grinding is often the last step in tree removal. After a tree is cut down, it leaves behind an unsightly, ground level stump. If the unsightly stump isn't an issue for you, it can be left. However, it may cause problems down the road. A number of problems can devastate your stumps, such as root diseases and fungi such as honey fungus. Another problem is sucking, which happens when new shoots start to grow from the stump if the stubble is still alive which is when you may need stump removal. 

How does stump grinding work?

A stump grinder is used to chew through the stump wood left behind after a tree is cut down. It uses a powerful, rotating blade that cuts through the wood as it turns. The blade's teeth cut the stump wood into small pieces, as the operator directs the blade over the entire stump to turn the wood into chips and to take the stump well below ground level. 

After grinding, what happens to the wood from the tree stump?

The process of stump grinding produces large quantities of wood chips. You will make more than you expect, but the chips can be used as mulch on-site or thrown into your garden waste bin. The stump will also have a hole in it since you ground it down to all its volume. You can either shovel the wood chips into the hole to decaying, or you can import soil and fill the hole so that it's level with the surrounding ground.

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Jack Milton
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