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Benefits of Prefab Homes in BC

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Benefits of Prefab Homes in BC

Prefab homes in BC are an integral part of the Canadian housing system. They have numerous benefits, especially for building a house in a factory. The future of such homes is bright as it offers attractive commercial and residential end use opportunities.

According to the findings of a report published by CISION PR Newswire, prefabricated housing market is expected to experience a CAGR of 4.6%, reaching $19.3 billion. This change is expected to take place between 2019 and 2024 in Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, Asia, China, Japan and other countries.

Prefab Homes in BC Benefits

Prefab homes in BC are made completely off-site, eliminating the need to transport raw material to the site. Therefore, these homes are easy to build and have numerous other advantages we have shared below.

Cost Saving

Prefab homes are cheaper in comparison to construction houses. This is because the manufacturers order building material in bulk, which costs less. What’s more, is that the labour cost in making prefab homes is also significantly less. This saving is beneficial in urban areas where labour is scarce and expensive.

Moreover, prefab homes aren’t subjected to external factors such as weather delays and working in a harsh climate. These homes are built in a controlled indoor environment. The most that can delay your project are late delivery from the vendor, vandalism, and theft. But no external circumstances will delay your prefab house.

Quick Turnaround

As opposed to on-site construction, prefab homes are built much faster. An average on-site house will take more than three months from start to finish. Conversely, prefab homes take a month or less for site-work, production, and set-up of your new home. This reduces the interest charges you pay on construction loans, and homeowners can quickly move into their new living space.

Premium Quality

Besides quick turnaround and cost-saving, prefab homes in BC are subjected to strict quality measures by federal or state regulators. Since these homes are built in a controlled environment, factories have to abide by quality standards.

Moreover, the specialists employed in building your dream house have years of experience. In addition, computers, lasers, and templates are used in designing your home, so you get finely cut joints and a strong infrastructure.

According to your geographic location, prefab homes are engineered for wind safety and energy efficiency. The building materials used in prefab homes arethe same as on-site homes, meaning your house is designed with high-quality materials.

Less Wastage

The cost of wastage is greatly reduced with prefabricated homes. The main reason for this is because construction material like lumber is placed in a climate-controlled environment which prevents ruination due to weather.

Moreover, most of the waste in prefab homes is recycled or disposed of in the plant. Overall, prefab homes reduce the overall cost of construction by almost half in terms of wastage and other factors. This allows consumers to take short-term construction loans without bearing exorbitant interest charges.

Justin Sobers is the author of this article. For more details about Blackstone Homes visit our website: pg.blackstonehomes.net

Blackstone Homes
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