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Causes and Solutions to Fix Amazon Echo Dot won’t Turn On Issue?

Causes and Solutions to Fix Amazon Echo Dot won’t Turn On Issue?

“Why my Amazon Echo Dot Doesn’t turn On”? How I can fix it?

This question has arisen in every user's mind, which has used Amazon Echo Dot device. When you start the Echo Dot, but you have face the issue Amazon Echo dot hasn’t turned on. Amazon Echo dot is a smart device and it gives you a lot of smart options. It is the most common issue “Amazon echo dot won’t turn on.

The Amazon Echo Dot won’t turn on an issue that can be caused by several factors. This issue can be caused due to a bad power port, faculty power adapter, bad internet connection, and a damaged circuit board.

Causes of Amazon Echo Dot Won’t Turn On:

The Echo Dot can fail to turn on due to:

  • Broken or Damaged Power Adapter
  • Faulty Power Outlet
  • Dirty Speaker power port
  • Outdated firmware
  • Damaged Circuit board

Solutions to fix Amazon Echo Dot turn on issues:

Step 1: Unplug the Echo Device: First, you need to do is to unplug the power adapter from the power source. Then wait for some minutes and put back the adapter in the power outlet.

Step 2: Change the Power Outlet: If the power adapter has not had any issue, the echo won’t turn on. Then you need to change the power outlet. Insert the echo device power adapter in another new power source and then turn on the device. Now to check the device is working or not.

Step 3: Clean the Speaker power port: Sometimes the Echo dot won’t turn on due to dirt in the speaker power port. Check the speaker power port and clean any kind of dirt.

Step 4: Replace Circuit Board: If the problem is in the Echo Dot Circuit board, then you need to replace it. There are no ways to fix the defective or damaged circuit board. You have to replace it in a service center.

Step 5: Get in Touch with Amazon Technical Experts: After applying all these steps, your Echo dot won’t turn on, so you need to contact the Amazon echo dot experts. Our technical experts help you to turn on the echo dot device and resolve the other amazon Alexa echo dot issues. You can easily contact me through Free Live Chat.  

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